Justice League: Part One Will Feature Henry Cavill As Superman


Now, before you immediately scroll down and type some variation of “in other news, water is wet” in the comments section, bear with us for a second.

Yes, the Man of Steel met his end in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and yes, it was implied at the end of the movie that he would return – but were we really expecting Zack Snyder and co. to give the game away so quickly and let everyone know he was bringing Supes back for the first Justice League movie?


During the Warner Bros. panel at CinemaCon tonight, Snyder sent a brief video message from the set of Justice League, which included a shot of the entire cast of the film (minus Ben Affleck and Amy Adams), with Henry Cavill among them.

Again, not a massive revelation for fanboys and the like – but surely some Jon Snow-style misdirection was expected, if only for the sake of general audiences, right? Wrong. It seems there won’t be any dancing around the issue: Superman will be resurrected for Justice League – Part One. The only question now is, how will this be accomplished?

Tell us, do you think Snyder should have held off on this reveal, or was it always obvious that Supes would be back from the first Justice League movie?