Justice League Snyder Cut May Give Batman Some Romance

batman justice league

The Justice League Snyder Cut is coming, but while the director himself has teased a lot of what we can expect to see in his version of the DC team-up movie, there’s still a lot about it yet to be revealed. For instance, it’ll feature completely different character arcs for some of the team, including Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Batman will likely be another one whose material is massively changed, seeing as the theatrical cut used him as a bit of an Iron Man knockoff.

One big alteration we can reportedly look forward to seeing in the Snyder Cut though is Bruce Wayne enjoying a bit of a romance. And not with just anyone, but his fellow Leaguer Wonder Woman. At least, that’s according to sources close to WGTC, the same ones who told us the Snyder Cut was coming to HBO Max back in November, and that a Green Lantern show is in the works for the streaming service, both of which we know to be true now.

We’ve been informed that there’ll be some romantic tension between Bruce and Diana Prince throughout the film. What’s more, there could potentially even be a kiss between them. Snyder himself has hinted that reshoots may take place to fully realize his vision, which means the team might be getting back together. And if these go ahead, we’re hearing that they might film a quick kiss between Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

An attraction between Bruce and Diana was definitely heavily implied in Batman V Superman, particularly during their dance together at the LexCorp gala where they first met. It never went any further, though, with the theatrical Justice League portraying them as platonic friends, apart from a tense argument they had. Though this was about Diana’s lingering feelings for Steve Trevor, so you could say it was motivated by jealousy on Bruce’s part.

“WonderBat,” as the pairing is known, is a popular one amongst DC fans, so folks would definitely get a kick out of this romance if it comes to pass in the Justice League Snyder Cut. As such, let’s hope the director is able to sneak that kiss in.