10 Lessons Warner Bros. Can Learn From Justice League


With Justice League now playing in theaters, audiences have finally had the chance to see DC’s premiere superhero team on the big screen. However, due to the film’s (mostly) negative critical reception and disappointing opening box office totals, Warner Brothers still has some tough decisions to make.

Specifically, they have to figure out what went wrong with the movie (as well as what went right) so that their burgeoning universe can continue to grow. If they don’t, then the entire franchise will suffer and public perception will only break down further. In order to avoid that, WB needs to use JL‘s criticisms and disappointing box office as a lesson on what to do (and what NOT to do) in the future – and that’s what we’ll be exploring here.

Of course, it’s to be expected that this article will be filled with tons of spoilers and discussions of plot points, so if you haven’t seen the film yet and don’t want to know all of this beforehand, please bookmark this page and come back to it later. Also, as always, we encourage you to use the comments section down below to air your thoughts and grievances, but let’s keep it classy, okay?