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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Keanu Reeves’ New Doppelgänger

This Brazilian Keanu Reeves doppelgänger is breaking the internet with his eerily identical features to the John Wick star.

Keanu Reeves

There’s a glitch in the Matrix, people. Keanu Reeves has an eerily-identical doppelgänger from Brazil, who’s been breaking the internet with his strangely similar looks to the John Wick actor. 49-year old Rio de Janeiro resident Marcos Jeeves (no, that’s not his real name) has become a social media star thanks to his more than passing resemblance to Reeves, with tons of fans freaking out over how much they look alike.

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GQ caught up with the Brazilian doppelgänger recently and Jeeves revealed everything about his long history of being mistaken for the Canadian star.

“A friend of mine from high school, after watching Point Break, spoke about how it had an actor in the film very similar to me and recommended that I watch the film,” he explained. “Then my admiration for him began.”

GQ then asked Jeeves if appearing like the Hollywood legend helps him in the dating scene, to which he revealed that it does, though he’s careful not to take advantage of anyone given his internet fame.

“Yes, I am single and looking like Keanu Reeves really helps me,” Jeeves said. “Some women come to praise me in the comments on my Instagram photos. But I always maintain a respect and do not use the fact of looking like him to take advantage of any situation, including my followers.”

As for the real Reeves, he’s still riding the wave of his career renaissance in recent years. Next year, for instance, looked set to be the Year of the Reeves, as both John Wick: Chapter 4 and The Matrix 4 were scheduled to arrive on the exact same day in May 2021. Given the current shutdown, though, it’s unlikely that either film will be ready to release by that time anymore.

Meanwhile, Bill & Ted Face the Music, which brings together Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter for the first time since 1991, is hopefully going to land this August.