Keira Knightley details ‘creepy’ experience from ‘Love Actually’

As Christmas approaches, punters go back to the classics of Holiday season movies, and Love Actually is always up there. But Keira Knightley has told of an interesting experience from the movie.

Love Actually featured an astonishing ensemble cast, and the 2003 film has remained a staple of Christmas movies and as a significant moment in 2000s pop culture. Its multistrand story is easy to pick up on, highly watchable, and is arguably the best romantic comedy out there. 

There’s one particular scene that viewers will remember from the film when Juliet (Keira Knightley) is visited by Mark (Andrew Lincoln) who professes his love to her after years of holding back. He does this with a series of cue cards that he’s written, surprising her at her doorstep. 

This scene has been parodied regularly since release, but its impact cannot be doubted — as Keira Knightley can attest to.

The infamous cue card scene. Image: Universal

Knightley, while promoting her new film Silent Night, told Yahoo Entertainment of the “creepy, but sweet” moment sparked by the famous scene. 

“I did actually get stuck in traffic once and someone in the car next to me did the whole sign thing,” Keira told Yahoo. “It was quite creepy, but it was also quite…” she continued, before breaking out laughing. “It was a bit awkward being stuck in traffic next to it. But it was also quite sweet, there was nothing scary, it would’ve been much better if I could have just driven straight off, but I couldn’t” the English actress ended. 

Knightley has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards for her roles in movies like Pride and Prejudice (2006) as the lead, and for her supporting role in 2014’s The Imitation Game starring alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

The English actress is the lead of the upcoming Christmas-themed black comedy Silent Night, which made its debut at Toronto International Film Festival in September 2021. The film released on December 3 worldwide.