Kevin Feige confirms more major MCU announcements coming soon

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Image: We Got This Covered

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Kevin Feige broke the internet in half when he confirmed that Charlie Cox will be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Daredevil, although he stopped short of admitting that the former Netflix star will be making that long-rumored appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Even though there are currently upwards of 30 live-action and animated projects across film and television in the works at Marvel Studios, the fanbase always demands more, and for the most part, Kevin Feige tends to give it to them. Fresh off dropping his Daredevil bomb, the company’s Chief Creative Officer revealed to ScreenRant that some major announcements are coming soon.

“There’ll be news. There’ll be various events. Obviously with the pandemic, the way we’ve announced things has changed and altered, and in some ways that’s been good, because it’s kept the focus on what’s next. It’s kept the focus on the projects as they come out, and certainly the anticipation for No Way Home, I would say, is as big as anything we’ve ever felt before, which is good timing as the movie’s about to come out.”

On the theatrical side of things, release dates still need to be locked down for Blade, Captain America 4, Fantastic Four and Deadpool 3, while Disney Plus Day took the total number of streaming shows to almost 20. Of course, Feige’s work is never done, and supporters will be crossing their fingers in the hopes that Shang-Chi and Eternals sequels will be part of the upcoming slate.

Nobody really knows except the boss, though, but it’s always fun to speculate and then admit we were dead wrong when Marvel announces something completely unexpected instead.