Kevin Smith Trolls He-Man Fans Ahead Of Clerks III Script Read

Clerks 3

Kevin Smith has expanded his filmmaking portfolio across the last fifteen years or so, moving away from the slacker comedies that inspired the early stages of his career to diversify his output, although the results have been decidedly mixed throughout his ventures into uncharted territory.

He was a studio gun for hire on 2010 buddy comedy Cop Out, a decision he regrets, before crafting the bizarre trio of Red State, Tusk and Yoga Hosers, and he’s got anthology horror comedy Killroy Was Here coming later this year. On the small screen, he’s helmed episodes of The Flash and Supergirl, as well as creating and executive producing Netflix animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The twist ending in the premiere has been causing some backlash online, with many fans up in arms over Prince Adam getting killed off to position Teela as the main narrative focus. Smith is currently gearing up to start work on Clerks III, and to celebrate the first gathering of the cast for a table read, he couldn’t help but troll his He-Man detractors, as you can see below.

clerks 3

The filmmaker is back on familiar View Askewniverse territory with Clerks III, which is actually happening this time having been touted for over a decade, which included the threequel being scrapped altogether at one stage. It’s been 27 years since his debut feature, and fifteen since Clerks II, and both previous entries have been sneakily autobiographical in tone, reflecting on where Smith is at that particular point in his life.

Now in his 50s and having suffered some serious health issues, we should expect the next chapter to ruminate on the trials, tribulations and perils of middle age.