Kill Bill Star Still Hopeful That Quentin Tarantino Will Make Volume 3

Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino is a guy with a wildly active imagination, and it stands to reason that he’s always got at least half a dozen ideas simmering away at the back of his mind. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker frequently talks about unrealized projects like Double V Vega, his attempts to try and make Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan and his recent flirtation with an R-rated Star Trek movie.

One of the unmade ideas that he gets asked about the most is Kill Bill Vol. 3, with Tarantino claiming as far back as 2004 that he eventually planned to get around to a third installment. His thinking at the time was that he would need to wait at least fifteen years before returning to his roaring rampage of revenge, with the story set to follow Vernita Green’s daughter out to exact justice for her mother’s death at the hands of Uma Thurman’s Bride.

Every once in a while the prospect of Kill Bill Vol.3 is mentioned, either by Tarantino himself or someone else that was involved in the original double-header, but we’re now over 16 years removed from Vol. 2 hitting theaters and a follow-up still hasn’t made it past the speculation phase.

Kill Bill

However, in a recent interview, Vivica A. Fox, who played Vernita in the Bride’s first outing, revealed that she’s still holding out hope that the movie will eventually end up getting made one day.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t wait. It rears its ugly head every couple of years. They’ll say, ‘So, Vivica, Kill Bill 3?’. I think they’re waiting for my daughter to grow up. And then you always hear that Quentin falls in and out of love with Hollywood. He’s like, ‘I’m done. I’m back. I’m done’. So the latest I’ve heard is that him and Uma have been talking, and I’d love for them to figure it out. Quentin is great with flashbacks and figuring out some kind of way to make his characters alive again in a film. So, I’m really hoping that Vernita Green gets her revenge.”

Tarantino can never seem to make his mind up about Kill Bill Vol. 3, and said in the space of just a few months last year that it was probably not going to happen, but is also definitely on the cards. He’s also been pretty adamant that his tenth movie is going to be his last one, and with nine under his belt already, the smart money would be on him pursuing something original for his grand finale as opposed to returning to the well.