A New Kind Of Hero: Where Can Batman Go After The Dark Knight Rises?


The Dark Knight Rises marks the end of Christopher Nolan’s Batman story, three films which changed the face of blockbuster filmmaking and breathed a whole new life into the superhero genre. In bringing the Dark Knight back to the screen, Nolan crafted something extraordinary: He took the comic book hero out of the comic book and placed a superhero in a recognizable universe.

Nolan embedded Bruce Wayne/Batman in the midst of mob wars, maniacal anarchists, civil unrest and dissenting rioters on the streets of New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and London, which doubled for the streets of Gotham. With the use of these locations, the city of Gotham embodies contemporary political issues that gives a relevance and another level of political depth that made Nolan’s Batman franchise just that much more game changing.

But this chapter of the Batman character is now over and Warner Bros. has to deal with the fact that Christopher Nolan will not have anything to do with Batman as far as sequels and reboots go. Lightening very rarely strikes twice in Hollywood, so finding a director and screenwriter who can provide a reinterpretation that is a big an artistic and financial success as Nolan’s take on Batman will be no small feat.

The advice to any filmmaker now would be to leave The Dark Knight Rises and Nolan’s whole Batman legacy where it is and let the sleeping dog lie. Of course, the film does conclude with a door left open for further development with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character effectively inheriting the mantle of Batman, which if anything was a narrative device used to close off the film’s big theme as opposed to a cliffhanger implying that the franchise has further to go. It hasn’t, though, and it should go no further.

The best option, if not necessarily the easiest, would be to start from scratch or go in a whole other direction tonally, thematically and narratively. Nolan’s vision of Batman was extraordinary, both original and refreshing. Never before had we seen a Batman set in a world that so closely resembled ours. Never before had we seen the line between the comic world and our world so clearly blurred, that took a stylistic leave from the comic book world and took its cues from the cinematic world of realism.

While the Batman films of Tim Burton referred to works such as Metropolis and Blade Runner, Nolan mainly found his style from the work of Michael Mann and Sidney Lumet. Placing particular emphasis on films like Prince of the City and Heat, the major inspirations for his Dark Knight Trilogy, Nolan crafted a vision that is wholly unlike anything we’d seen before, and achieved amazing results. For the new director, the impetus would be to move as far away from that as possible. In fact, the best thing to do would be to go back to the comics.

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  1. Phuck Yusays:

    Nolan’s films were the closest to the comic yet.

    You should actually sit down and read a comic. Nolan drew heavily from the works of Frank Miller, Jeph Loeb, Alan Moore, etc.

    Nolan did not invent the “realistic” Batman, he was just the first to emulate it.

    1. jk90ussays:

      And yet Nolan’s films were still boring as hell.

      He may have “adapted” the comics (then again so did the god awful Green Lantern), but he totally missed the essence and feel of what Batman should be, a terrifying, almost demonic force of vengeance. His lame “reality shows” were simply watered down tales about some SWAT guy with bat ears that totally missed the mark. His Batman is like the Godzilla in the 1998 US version — they got the name right, but little else.

      Batman in the comics makes us think he is the only one who can be what he is (a brilliant, unstoppable master of all martial arts). But Batman in Nolan’s films makes it seem like ANYone can put on that cheesy looking suit and fight crime. He never does anything truly incredible.

      He never EARNS the title of Batman.

      And that is NOT Batman.

  2. dangeersays:

    Maybe Warner Brothers should pursue other properties besides Batman.

    1. They will but it’s inevitable that they will reboot this franchise. It has made too much money for them not to.

  3. I actually think that going with John Blake is the way to go… I mean it could be that Nolan included that, not only to prove that Batman is a simbol per se but as a way to say “Thank you” to WB (who actually let him do whatever he wanted) and giving them a starting point for the new franchise… also, it ties with what they said whe WB announced the reboot: that Nolan and his wife were having conversations about that direction and possibly producing. So, for me, Nolan gave them Blake to start the new franchise (kinda like Batman Beyond) and I, personally, wouldn’t mind watching a Batman film starring JGL

  4. KwabenaPrinceJabarisays:

    There are many circumstances in Gotham’s aftermath of near disaster that would have to be overcome to make a film centered around Robin John Blake. First being, with Batman being assumed dead by the general population, would a new version of a hero named Batman even make sense? He would have to be Nightwing and not Batman. There would need to be another time lapse of five or so years after TDKR And the story would have to be more personal, a threat to the orphans instigated by the men who killed Blake’s dad. Something like that. And somehow, God help us, maybe a cameo from (at least) Selina Kyle now married to the superhero formerly known as Bruce Wayne. And make it a dark detective story that has to be solved. Make him afraid of heights and have to overcome that, too. But no series just one good stand alone movie.

  5. Rorschach86says:

    I think that the next movie/series should be based even more upon Bruce Wayne/The Batman, at least for the first establishment of the next franchise. Although the whole Bruce Wayne becoming all ninja by the hand of Ra’s Al Ghul was a key part in the whole Nolan storyline, Ra’s Al Ghul in my opinion being the basis of the story in general of the whole trilogy, Batman nor Bane were trained by Ra’s Al Ghul. I would like to see a very Bruce Wayne based movie in which they very clearly establish his earlier years, and really show him becoming Batman by his own hand, maybe a process that takes him years, and really show what it would take to become a ninja vigilante who can beat up pretty much anyone. I would also like to see the try to make a darker Gotham that really needs a savior, where drugs and murder are truly out of control. I’ll be honest after seeing Nolan’s trilogy I just don’t think it would be possible to do a futuristic take on Batman like Joel Schumacher’s two films. I just think it would be very hard to make movies that are even half as good as Nolan’s if they take them in a futuristic direction, but I do like the idea of a darker, dirtier Gotham, a darker dirtier Bruce Wayne, a darker dirtier Jim Gordon and just a darker dirtier series, because I think that a city that bad would have an effect on the people, even the best people, and I would love to see that on the screen. I think the difficulty to find good in a place so bad should be the main theme of the next series. Back to my idea about a Bruce Wayne centered movie, I would like to see that, and maybe not even use a Batman super villain, maybe just hint to one near the end of the film for the sequel, and I may be using some of the Nolan ideas a little too much, but maybe in the next series use some of the less far fetched villains or make different, more realistic versions of the more out of this world bad guys like they did with Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. For example, they could stick more to crime-boss type villains like for example: Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Mad Hatter, and keep the series relatively grounded, although I’d really like to see a good Mr Freeze, because Batman & Robin was probably the worst Superhero movie ever. I also feel that in film adaptations, the uses of Robin and Batgirl are kind of unnecessary. All in all, that’s the general direction I’d like to see them take and here are three actors that I thought off the top of my head that I would maybe like to see play Batman but again, they are just off the top of my head and probably won’t play him: Michael Fassbender, Shia Laboeuf, James Franco

  6. Rorschach86says:

    Also, as if I haven’t already posted enough, I have to disagree with the John Blake centered movie. It’s one of those endings just like in Nolan’s Inception, where it leaves us wondering, but we have the basic vague idea. Whether the top stops spinning or not, it is his reality and Mul is gone to him and his children are real. In The Dark Knight Rises, we’re left with the fact that Gotham has finally accepted Batman for who he his, a hero, Bruce Wayne has finally achieved happiness and I’d be pretty happy too if i were tappin’ that, and the legacy of Batman lives on with John Blake, Robin, Nightwing, Batman, whatever you wanna call him, and another movie in that universe would be spoiling it where it is, and where it is is at the best point it can be at, and they need to leave it at that. I know sometimes it sucks when something that good ends, but I don’t know how old you guys are but I probly have at least a good seventy years left so I’m sure we’ll come across another terrific Batman film/franchise.

    1. I have to agree with you – continuing from Nolan’s vision is a bad idea. He created a classic interpretation of the character that people who are fans will continue to appreciate for a very long time. I disagree with Will Chadwick’s idea to do an origin story of the Joker. I think Heath Ledger’s performance was beyond anyone’s expectations and for me personally – the be-all-end-all Joker performance. I shudder to think of anyone trying to tackle this character again. Miller’s vision in The Dark Knight Returns might be a good avenue to explore. I definitely never want to see a reboot. Batman is already well established. There are too many reboots and sequels around in both movies and gaming and they all suck.

      1. jk90ussays:

        Just because the films so far have all sucked doesn’t mean they should never try again. I thought the new Spider-Man film was superior to the three Raimi did, except we didn’t need to see the origin all over again (more on that in a moment).

        DC has published thousands of comic issues for decades, and Batman is still going strong. So why should the films stop just because we had eight really crappy ones in a row? Keep going until they get it right (and start paying attention to how Marvel does it).

        I’m all for reboots. I just don’t want to see any more lousy origin films. There isn’t a single hero who needs to spend 45 minutes to an hour showing us HOW they became the hero. Their origins aren’t that damn complicated, especially Batman’s.

        Just start the film AFTER the hero has already been established, and then mention their origin at some point later (briefly). The one thing I appreciated about Burton’s limp films (besides the fact that he got the overall design right, especially Gotham City which should look like it rose up from hell and not be a carbon copy of Chicago like Nolan did) was that he didn’t waste substantial time on the origin.

  7. I thin that they should do a sort of bridge story that centers more on Jim Gordon and the GPD. The gritty dirty underside of Gotham and the good vs. bad within the police department before the Batman appeared and make Gordon more of a badass ala Batman:Year One. Which is where they should lift Gordon’s backstory from,He wasn’t in Gotham when Wayne was a child!

    1. jk90ussays:

      NO! Focus on the main character, not the supporting peanut gallery. You want a Gordon centered story? Then they can do some lame TV show. Law & Order: Gotham City. Or another cartoon.

  8. Blahsays:

    Jesus Christ…just….STOP. Stop rebooting and remaking everything! Have an original fucking idea for once. This is why television is so, so , SO much better then movies right now and have been for quite awhile. Give me a season of Breaking Bad, GoT, Sons of Anrachy….over 99% of the shit thrown on a movie screen these days.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Rebooting is just taking the easy way out.

    2. jk90ussays:

      SeriouslY? There isn’t an show on TV right now that hasn’t been done a million times before. TV is simply better )(in some rare cases) because it costs a hell of a lot less to produce a show than a major motion picture, so they are willing to take chances with it (on cable anyway).

      I want to see a Batman reboot. If you don’t, then stay home!

  9. bcole76says:

    I disagree to have a reboot, but… hey!, since when studios really really care about fans opinions? They only care MONEY!, That’s all, we have a lot of secuels, precuels, reboots, and MOST of them are not really good. Nolas’ vision has nothing to do with Batman itself, I think. I mean, Nolan has his style and Batman was the ‘lucky’ option to reboot (not sure about Superman yet), however, my point is still the same, MONEY is the only trigger to continue doing more Batman movies in the future!, either is good or bad movies

    1. bcole76says:

      and the worst of all…. most of us will pay for a new batman movie, like it or not….

      1. jk90ussays:

        True. I paid to see all three Nolan films and thought they all sucked big time.

  10. jk90ussays:

    Personally, I want the next Batman film to FINALLY get it right. I’m a huge Batman fan (have been since the early 70s) and so far NONE of the stuff WB has released was worth my time or money—especially Nolan’s lame, BORING “reality show” nonsense. The 1989 Batman and Batman Returns had the right look, but the scripts were still too cheesy and the action was pathetic (yet still better than Nolan’s weak attempt at fight scenes where Batman simply tosses a few limp punches).

    The next film needs to be a faithful adaptation of the Arkham City video game, especially the costumes and the overall atmosphere. That game did a better job of capturing the pure essence and feel of Batman (a dark, terrifying force of nature fighting psychotic villains from hell) than any movie has so far. Hire the people who created that game to do the production design and possibly direct the next movie (and tell Nolan to take a hike). Then, maybe, just MAYBE, they’ll finally get it right.

  11. Magnetic Eyesays:

    Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of Batman has been the closest representation of the books to grace the screen bar none. They haven’t been perfect by any means but they have certainly captured the essence, characteristics and aesthetics of the books.

    Anyone who has read the titles “Batman”, “Detective Comics”, “The Dark Knight” or dozens of Batman graphic novels over the last 3 decades would have to agree.

    Christopher Nolan was inspired by a lot of the source material but applied his own vision to it and the franchise is all the better off for it.

    IMO I would personally love to see a Director like David Fincher or a Tony or Ridley Scott take on The Dark Knight.

  12. Bensays:

    the next Batman reboot,should be directed by David Fincher… the movies should be Rated R… they should take place in the 40’s (Batman’s first appearance was 1939) if the reboot is another trilogy,Joker should be in all 3 movies (the 1st film should be Joker’s origin story) with other villains in the 2nd & 3rd movies… keep the realistic feel to the films,but with them being period films… that way you can keep realism feel of the Nolan trilogy,without stepping on any toes… i hope WB doesn’t pick up with a Robin movie… that will ruin the entire Nolan trilogy.

  13. The franchise should become more real, more gritty. Think Hurt Locker. Almost documentary style, only without the shaky camera. It should use wider camera angles, coregraphed fight scenes on par with Bourneand provide the violence and slow mo of J-Dredd circa 2012, while providing the multilayered ‘what the fuck did I just watch’ ness of Inception.

    It should have a story that considers the comic books, but twists and turns, falls and rises and makes you feel relieved while gloriously satisfied and appreciative of the breaks in suspense. It should be an action, thriller, horror and drama, with no comedy accept in the extremely dead-pan variety. Think invincibles chase scene where the son runs in his first chase scene/kick-ass where the dad burns/taxi driver ‘you talking to me’/hurt locker – movie as a whole/godfather – wife blowing up/the negotiator – realising all cops are currupt.
    The look should be layered, (like modern army armour) and charcoal in colour. He should be forced to murder his love interest, not because she’s bad but because its easier, and provides less collateral damage. The died blood should replace his mask in one scene, his eyes mad, coldness enveloping, brutal hate of the corrupt, revenge his only relief.
    Errr…something like that anyway

  14. many have said that after the dark knight rises, the batman live-action movie franchise will be rebooted again. this is a stupid move. for one thing, there have been 3 movies and people don’t like that after a few films are made, a remake(reboot) occurs, and that everything goes back to the beginning of the storyline all over again. it’s a stupid move financially because people don’t want to see the beginning all over again. we want the films to continue for several years in order to tell the complete life story behind these characters. this has sadly never occured in live-action because reboots(remakes) keep occuring. it’s tiresome and it’s ridiculous. make enough films to properly tell the complete story in live-action movie form. sure, actors will eventually need to be replaced with other actors, but as long as they look, sound, and feel like the last actors’ portrayals of the characters, then it’s okay. have movies for these characters come out every 1 or 2 years. take a que from marvel and make these films more accurate to the source material. if you give the fans what they(including me) want, that will get you the most money because you are giving the fans what they want. it’s strange how companies don’t listen to what the fans want(which will get them the most money) and do the first thing that comes to mind, regardless of how stupid it is.


    when another batman movie is made after the dark knight rises, ya’ll should get scott mcclure to play joker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJtIPi0Nb60&list=PLDBAA1376EB30F66C&index=2&feature=pl…pp_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?…v=W5u…kcNzjgC4&list=PLA3D24A0C6D6C9D9D&index=1&feature=plpp_video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y7mTHAgGQA&list=PL50F7F9CA3B308559&index=1&feature=plpp_video
    he’s just as good, if not better than heath ledger himself! christopher nolan has said that the dark knight rises is the last batman movie he will direct. hopefully, ya’ll will continue the series with another director rather than remaking it all over from scratch!


    in the 4th batman film, bruce wayne knows that he needs to return to gotham and be batman again. he also wants to help wayne enterprises with it’s financial troubles in order for it’s science department to be able to help humanity. he returns as bruce wayne and reveals that he is not dead. he buys a huge building for the orphans to live in so that he can regain wayne manor. he also tells robin john blake that whenever he is unable to be batman, he has the right to step in for him until he’s able to again. he then goes to the circus with alfred and witnesses the deaths of 8-year-old dick grayson’s parents, which tony zucco was responsible for. bruce adopts dick as his son and dick soon discovers that bruce is batman. dick convinces bruce to let him join in his crimefighting endeavors. he trains with bruce to become his partner in crimefighting. dick is inspired by robin john blake’s actions as a police officer and takes his first name as his crimefighting persona: robin. the joker has been comatose at arkham since soon after the events of the dark knight, and he is awakened when he hears via a radio that batman is alive and back in gotham. joker escapes from arkham and ends up joining with a new criminal in gotham, the penguin. batman and robin now have to stop joker and penguin from taking over not only gotham’s criminal underworld, but gotham itself. it is revealed that the joker actually doesn’t wear makeup and that he fell into a vat of chemicals the night that he had to be “the red hood”. joker explains that he has used a body cream to make him look like a normal person and that he didn’t always get it all off, thus it has appeared that he wears makeup. it is also revealed that harvey dent(twoface) isn’t really dead. by the end of the film, bruce gets a new batsuit(the one from the batman: arkham video game series), a new batmobile that resembles the second batmobile from “the batman”, and the batwing. he also gets lucius to start work on the batcycle, the robincycle, and the batboat(which can act as a submarine). the film ends with joker and penguin being in arkham alongside victor zsasz and johnathon crane(scarecrow), and joker’s first session with dr. harleen quinzell. gary oldman, michael caine, morgan freeman, and joseph gordon-levitt should reprise their roles and anne hathaway should make a cameo appearance as catwoman(wearing the catwoman suit from batman: arkham city), stealing an artifact from a museum. also, batman should start using actual “batarangs” and robin uses birdarangs. since the events of the dark knight rises, hamilton hill has become the new mayor of gotham.

    a flash movie that begins with showing the original flash(jay garrick) with the JSA during the 1940’s, while the plot of the movie deals with barry allen becoming the new flash and battling mirror master.

    a wonder woman movie.

    in the justice league movie, the team should consist of superman, batman and robin, the green lantern(hal jordan), the flash(barry allen), wonder woman, hawkman and hawkgirl, and the martian manhunter(looking like he did in the DCAU continuity). at the film’s end, batman announces to the other league members that he has started planning for “the watchtower”, which he will finance.

    a 2nd green lantern movie.

    in the 5th batman movie, the villains are twoface, the riddler, and killer croc. at the film’s end, talia al ghul reveals herself to batman, confirming that she’s alive, and informing him that ras’ has been resurrected with the use of a lazarus pit, and she then throws a smoke bomb and disappears. then the scene cuts to harleen quinzel(now insane and under her new persona of harley quinn) breaking joker out of arkham, which leads into the 6th film. at the beginning of the film, batman and robin foil black mask’s attempted takeover of the wayne enterprises building and capture of bruce wayne.

    in the 2nd superman movie, the villains are lex luthor and brainiac. lex was a friend of clark kent’s for a brief time during their early teen years. when lex turned 18, he became the ceo of luthorcorp(which he renamed lexcorp) after killing his father(lionel luthor) and moving to metropolis.

    in the 6th batman movie, batman and robin thwart joker and harley quinn, and the mad hatter is introduced.

    in the 2nd flash movie, wally west becomes kid flash.

    a green arrow movie. the villain is count vertigo. at the end of the film, roy harper jr. is introduced. in the film, green arrow has his golden age appearance.

    an aquaman movie. within the last 20 minutes of the movie, aquaman meets garth, who helps him fight the villain and takes on the persona of aqualad.

    in the 3rd superman movie, the villains should be metallo, parasite, and livewire.

    in the 2nd justice league film, all the previous members are present, as well as aquaman and aqualad, kid flash, and green arrow and speedy. the villain is darkseid.

    the 2nd green arrow movie takes place shortly before the events in the 2nd justice league film. in the film, roy harper jr. becomes speedy. the villain is brick.

    in the 7th batman movie, barbara gordon becomes batgirl(wearing the batgirl suit from the new batman adventures), discovers batman and robin’s identities, and becomes an official member of “the batman family”. the villains are ras’ and talia al ghul. talia learns the truth behind her father’s demise in batman begins and starts to have true feelings for bruce. however, she is loyal to her father. the film begins with batman thwarting deadshot’s attempted murders of GCPD chief clancy o’hara and harvey bullock.

    in the 8th batman movie, the villains are mr. freeze, firefly, and killer moth. at the beginning of the film, batman foils ragdoll’s robbery at the gotham city bank.

    in the 2nd wonder woman movie, wonder girl is introduced.

    in the third green lantern movie, the 2nd human green lantern(john stewart) is introduced.

    in the 9th batman movie, batman takes in a dog who he names “ace”, who becomes the on again/off again “bathound”. the villains are clayface(basil karlo), scarecrow, and poison ivy. at the beginning of the film, “the bat-team” takes on temblor.

    in the 4th superman movie, bizarro, prankster, and atlas(the human, not the robot from teen titans) are the villains.

    in the third justice league movie, green lantern 2(john stewart) and wonder girl join the justice league.

    in the 10th batman movie, professor pyg, cluemaster, bane, and joker(now on venom) are the villains.

    in the 5th superman movie, krypto arrives on earth and becomes known as “superdog” by the public. the villains are lex luthor, conduit, and eradicator.

    in the 11th batman movie, toymaker(cosmo krank), the ventriloquist and scarface, and the clock king(looking and sounding like he did on batman: the brave and the bold) are the villains. by the point of this film, dick grayson(robin) is 10-11 years old and barbara gordon(batgirl) is 12 years old. batwoman(wearing the batwoman suit from batman: mystery of the batwoman), aka katrina moldoff, appears in the film.

    in the 6th superman movie, kara(supergirl) arrives on earth and the villains are bloodsport, lobo, and toyman. lex luthor learns that superman is clark kent.

    the 7th superman movie is the death and resurrection of superman, told accurately to how it was shown in the comics. at the film’s end, lois learns that clark is superman.

    in the young justice movie 2-parter, taking place when robin, kid flash, speedy, aqualad(garth), and wonder girl are in their early teens(13-14 years old), the 2nd aqualad(kaldur’ahm), superboy, artemis, and miss martian are introduced. in these films, green arrow gains his more modern appearance. part 1 revolves around the formation of the young justice team and the origin of superboy(kon-el), the result of project cadmus’s “Project Kr”. part 2 revolves around superboy’s discovery and adoption of rex the wonder dog, batgirl and static joining the young justice team, and the legion of doom(comprising of lex luthor, gorilla grodd, cheetah, captain cold, joker, brainiac, black manta, and giganta).

    in the 8th superman movie, the villains are mr. mxyzptlk, ultra-humanite, and imperiex. at the end, clark and lois get married.

    in the 9th superman movie, general zod, faora, jax-ur, ursa, and non are the villains.

    the 12th batman movie begins with robin(dick grayson), now 15 years old, leaving the bat-team, which leads into the live-action “the teen titans” film series. the movie then cuts to very recently after dick grayson has become nightwing and married starfire, when batman encounters the 15-year-old jason todd and takes him in. jason learns that batman is bruce wayne and batman says that he will train him to become the next robin. jason fights crime alongside batman and batgirl for months and helps them foil the plots of various supervillains. ras’ al ghul uses the joker as a distraction from his latest scheme. batman and robin(jason todd) encounter joker and harley quinn, along with their henchmen(two of them being punch and judy from “the batman”). in the ongoing battle, batman and robin(jason todd) are knocked out and joker takes robin(jason todd) to a nearby warehouse. there, robin(jason) wakes up and is beaten by joker with a crowbar. after beating jason with the crowbar, joker activates a bomb in the warehouse and leaves. jason, weak and badly beaten, has enough strength left in him to try and escape, but before he can, the bomb explodes, with batman outside and too late to save jason. batman goes through the wreckage and finds jason’s lifeless body and mourns. the scene then cuts to jason’s private funeral, where all the other justice league members, teen titans members(now known as the titans, due to now being adults), and batgirl in civilian disguises, along with alfred and ace. the movie then ends.

    in the 10th superman movie, darkseid, kalibak, and orion are the villains.

    in the 13th batman movie, taking place a year-and-a-half after the 12th film, the 13-year-old tim drake becomes the 3rd robin and barbara gordon(batgirl) becomes temporarily wheelchair bound, due to being shot in the spine by joker during his robbery at the iceberg lounge, which, along with the old cyrus pinkey natural history institute that it’s connected to, is owned by penguin(now believed to be no longer insane), who joker has not had a positive relationship with lately. the villains are prometheus and riddler. jack ryder is introduced and he becomes the creeper. the story of how tim drake becomes the 3rd robin should be how it is in the comics.

    in the 14th batman movie(which takes place a month after the 13th film), the plot of the batman: arkham asylum video game should be the one for the movie.

    in the 15th batman movie(which takes place two weeks after the 14th film), hush(bruce wayne’s psychotic childhood friend, dr. thomas elliott) should be the villain.

    in the 16th batman movie, the plot of the batman: arkham city video game should be used. in a scene during the end credits, batman returns to where ras’ al ghul’s body landed from wonder tower and discovers that his body is gone, which means that ras’s hypothesis about the combination of lazarus liquid and electricity causing immortality, was correct. a 40-minute-long short film adaptation of harley quinn’s revenge should be included on the film’s home video releases. during the short film’s end credits, batman goes back to ras’s lair and meets ras’ there. he tells ras’ that talia(ras’s daughter) is dead. ras'(seemingly no longer insane) promises batman that he will aid him in making the world a better place. batman leaves and the end credits continue.

    in the 17th batman movie, joker reveals that he’s not dead and the plot of batman: under the red hood is used. robin(tim drake) becomes a member of the new teen titans, who are mentored by the former teen titans: nightwing(the 1st robin), flash(the former kid flash, who’s now the 3rd flash in order to honor barry allen, who was sent to another dimension under the same circumstances that were shown in batman: the brave and the bold), red arrow(former speedy and former arsenal), tempest(the first aqualad(garth)), cyborg, beast boy, raven, starfire, and terra. also, ace dies of old age and victor fries(mr. freeze) cures his wife.

    then, a live-action movie of “superman and batman: public enemies” is made. at the end of the film, after all these years, the public finally learns of lex luthor’s criminal activities.

    in the 18th batman movie, bruce wayne(batman) and selina kyle(catwoman) get married. batman, catwoman, nightwing, batgirl, and robin thwart the plans of calendar man, calender lady, and the 2nd clock king(temple fugate). at the end of the film, after bruce says he will take his uterus and selina’s sperm and let their baby develop in a machine that will provide the nutrients it needs during it’s development, so that selina doesn’t have to get pregnant, bruce and selina decide on having a child.

    in the 19th batman movie, bruce and selina’s son, damian(now 8 years old), discovers the family secret and becomes the 4th robin. because of this, tim drake takes on the persona of “the red robin”. also, alfred dies of old age and harleen quinzell(harley quinn) is cured of her insanity.

    the 11th superman movie should be all*star superman, which takes place when damian wayne has recently become the 4th robin. at the film’s end, lex luthor becomes good.

    a live-action “the legion of superheroes” film.

    the 20th and final batman movie begins with selina and damian getting killed in a car accident, their funeral, and bruce retiring from being batman. the film then cuts to 4 years later, when a new gang called “the mutants” is terrorizing gotham city and bruce dons the cape and cowl once again to end the madness. a 13-year-old girl named carrie kelly becomes the 5th robin. harvey dent(twoface) is cured of his insanity and the burnt side of his body is surgically repaired. jim gordon retires from being the police commissioner and detective ellen yindel takes his place. after batman defeats the leader of the mutant gang, the mutants become “the sons of batman”. the joker returns and goes on a deadly crime spree involving murders and children being kidnapped. batman and joker have their final confrontation at a carnival(where the children are being held), which results in joker’s death. at the end of the film, after nearly shooting a criminal with a gun, bruce quits being batman, which leads into the live-action “batman beyond” movie series, which takes place 16 years later.

    ideas for “the teen titans” live-action movie series:
    first off, cyborg, beast boy, raven, starfire, slade, and terra should look and sound like they did in the tv series. titans tower should also look the same.

    film 1: robin, speedy, aqualad(garth, not kaldur’ahm), and kid flash meet cyborg, raven, beast boy, and starfire, and the plot of the teen titans tv series episode “go” is used, taking place within the first 24 minutes of the film, with the rest of the film revolving around slade(played by ron perlman), and robin temporarily becoming his apprentice.

    film 2: terra is introduced and slade tries to make her his apprentice, with events similar to the tv series taking place, and terra killing slade and becoming a permenant member of the team.

    film 3: the plot revolves around the hive academy and brother blood. the film begins with the titans fighting control freak, mumbo, and puppet king, and some backstory info on terra is given.

    film 4: slade is brought back by trigon and the events of the tv show’s fourth season’s story arc take place.

    film 5: the events of the tv show’s 2-parter “titans east” take place. also, the film begins with robin and johnny rancid having a motorcycle chase similar to the beginning of tv series episode “fractured”, only robin’s arm isn’t broken.

    film 6: several “teen titans” villains(ones seen and unseen in the films, except slade and brother blood) team up to destroy the titans. at the beginning of the film, the titans fight against ternion.

    film 7: the plots of the tv show’s episodes “forces of nature” and “sisters” take place. the film starts with the titans fighting killer moth and beast boy and starfire secretly adopting “silkie”.

    film 8: slade returns and plans to defeat the titans once-and-for-all. the film starts with the titans fighting dr. light. also, backstory info is given about slade.

    film 9: the titans meet terra’s brother, geoforce. the film begins with beast boy and cyborg defeating the riddler and mumbo.

    film 10: the events of the tv show’s episodes “Masks” and “X” take place. the film starts with the titans and the “titans east” having a football game and being interrupted by the toymaker(cosmo krank), killer moth, clayface, and atlas(cyborg’s robotic rival), who they have to fight.

    film 11: the events of “teen titans: trouble in tokyo” take place. the film begins with the titans fighting brother blood and the joker.

    film 12: the events of the tv show’s episode “winner take all” take place. the film begins with the titans fighting the clock king and gorilla grodd(looking and sounding like they did on the “batman: the brave and the bold” tv series).

    film 13: the titans and the doom patrol team up to fight the brotherhood of evil. the film starts with beast boy and terra fighting slade and cinderblock and plasmus, who are being controlled by slade.

    film 14: the events of the tv show’s episodes “Calling All Titans” and “Titans Together” take place. the film begins with events from the tv show’s episode “hide and seek”.

    film 15(the finale): the titans once again face slade. the film begins with robin dreaming about the death of his parents and fighting tony zucco, only to realize that it’s actually slade and not zucco, and slade then revealing that he has killed everyone he cares about, including the other titans and batman, and then robin screams “no”! and wakes to the other titans coming to his aid. the film ends with the teen titans becoming 20 years old and becoming known simply as “the titans”, robin becoming nightwing, and nightwing and starfire’s wedding on tamaran. during the film, speedy loses his left arm, which gets replaced with a high-tech robotic arm by cyborg, and speedy starts calling himself “arsenal”.

    after this a “teen titans: the next generation” film series is started, with the first film taking place from when tim drake(the 3rd robin) arrives at titans tower during the “batman: under the red hood” live-action film. tim arrives at the tower and meets his new team members: impulse(bart allen, who arrived from the future), the new wonder girl(cassie sandsmark), among others. the team is mentored by the original titans, who still reside in the tower.

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