Kong: Skull Island Post-Credits Scene Might Tease Godzilla And More


Hollywood is certainly not hurting for cinematic universes. Just about every studio’s got one either currently underway or in the works, and some even have a few of them. It’s a trend that’s getting to be a bit much, but it makes sense why everyone’s trying to get in on the fun. Thankfully, one of the newer efforts to emerge is also a bit more unique when compared to what we’re used to seeing. Of course, we’re talking about Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse, which will feature beasts like Godzilla and King Kong.

It’s a refreshing change of pace from stuff like the MCU and DCEU, which are constantly shoving more and more comic book movies down our throats. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing mind you, at least not in the case of the former, but you have to imagine that sooner or later, audiences will get superhero fatigue and tire of seeing what essentially boils down to the same type of movie over and over again.

How Warner Bros.’ newest effort will fare is hard to say, but what began with 2014’s Godzilla is about to take its next step forward when Kong: Skull Island marches into theaters next month. We’ve already heard that there will be a post-credits scene to tee up Godzilla 2, but we still don’t know exactly what it will involve. That doesn’t change today, unfortunately, but thanks to a report from SciFi Japan, we do at least have a hint as to what we can expect.

The outlet notes that the credits of Kong: Skull Island contain the following line: Characters of “Godzilla,” “King Ghidorah,” “Mothra” and “Rodan” created and owned by Toho Co., Ltd. That doesn’t seem like anything particularly noteworthy upon first glance, but what’s interesting is that these characters would only be credited if Skull Island refers to or shows them at some point in the film. We already know that they won’t be in the movie itself, but this line seems to indicate that some of these monsters may show up in the post-credits scene.

While we haven’t heard much yet about characters like Rodan and Mothra, we do know that Legendary has the rights to them and given that they’re now building this cinematic universe, it’d make sense for the studio to want to use them in future films, right? That’s not to say that the post-credits scene for Skull Island is going to feature some epic monster showdown, but it’s looking likely that a few of these guys will at least be mentioned or referenced.

Apparently, press screenings didn’t include any kind of post-credits scene, which isn’t too surprising, so we’ll have to wait until the film hits theaters on March 10th to find out what exactly’s included at the end of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ upcoming effort, but it certainly sounds like the seeds are being planted for an exciting new cinematic universe to blossom and we can’t wait to see the titular beast come to life next month when Kong: Skull Island stomps into theaters.

Source: SciFi Japan