Latest Horror News: ‘Scream 6’ receives an updated release date while a horror gem surpasses box office expectations

Ghostface, Scream (2022)
Image via Paramount Pictures

Happy Monday, monster mavens! As the vast majority of folks usher in the Yuletide spirit with festive wreaths and mugs of Baileys hot chocolate, the minority of us horror-hounds are still fully invested in the latest updates in the terrifying territory. What better way to kick off a fresh week than with We Got This Covered’s daily horror roundup? Over the weekend, a plethora of pulse-pounding headlines were swirling in the spooky realm, which includes the much-anticipated Scream 6 receiving an updated release date, along with one of the best horror flicks of the year absolutely grinning at the box office.

So, before you secure that ladder on the side of your house and hang those decorative lights, ditch the hardware momentarily and feast your eyes on the latest horror updates.

Exceeding expectations has left the box office with a giant Smile

Image via Paramount Pictures

Among a sea of impressive horror releases this year, Parker Finn’s Smile certainly sits at the top of the list, with the supernatural horror flick successfully exceeding plenty of initial expectations. The aforementioned horror film, initially scheduled to release exclusively on Paramount Plus, has grossed an impressive $200 million at the worldwide box office, a feat that certainly deserves to be highlighted. The newest feature is based on one of Finn’s original short films, eventually scoring a $17 million budget and hitting various theaters across the globe. Smile’s outing has definitely been one to remember, and its skyrocketed box office return has certainly helped its reputation as a strong horror contender for the year.

Mark your calendars, because Scream 6 is coming sooner than you thought

Ghostface in 'Scream'
Image via Paramount/Spyglass

Get ready, Screamers. The much-anticipated arrival of Scream 6 is hitting theaters a lot sooner than was initially expected. Over the weekend, Deadline announced that Paramount Pictures has decided to fiddle with the horror film’s release date, effectively changed from March 31, 2023 to March 10, 2023. In simpler terms, the franchise’s blood-stained sixth installment will now be available to watch over two weeks prior to its original release date—not that any diehard Scream fan is going to complain. Combine this news with the return of franchise veteran Hayden Panettiere and newcomer Samara Weaving, and there’s plenty to look forward to come March of next year.

An ancient text’s villain was the driving force for one of the scariest movies of the year

Barbarian horror
Image via 20th Century Studios

Chances are high that if you’re a devoted horror fan, then you’ve likely heard of Zach Cregger’s Barbarian, a fresh-faced horror movie that has turned the genre on its head. Released back in September, the spine-tingling feature has successfully scared plenty of moviegoers and streaming subscribers alike. The movie has perfectly blended several red herrings with a genuine twist. As it turns out, Cregger borrowed plenty of inspiration from Grendel, the fear-inducing villain from the ancient poem, Beowulf. The poem’s influence comes as no surprise, seeing as it contains a plethora of eerie sequences that would warp any mind out there.

Sink your teeth back in tomorrow, Screamers, for another daily horror roundup.