Latest Marvel News: Kevin Feige’s most infamous fakeout is finally coming true in Phase 5 as ‘Quantumania’ is already declared the worst ‘Ant-Man’ movie

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Kevin Feige is usually one to simply keep his lips sealed about Marvel secrets instead of actively misleading us but he did just that on one notorious occasion a long time ago. Except the latest rumors of the MCU’s future indicate that he might finally be making good on his promise all these years later. Elsewhere, the inevitable Marvel movie backlash is happening faster than ever this time as Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is already getting called the worst of its trilogy.

10 years later, Captain America: New World Order looks set to finally deliver on the biggest lie Kevin Feige ever told us

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The latest reports are pointing to Captain America: New World Order introducing the female version of Diamondback into the MCU, which may just reveal that a whole new supervillain group is on its way too. And, if this does turn out to be the case, that means an infamous fakeout from Mr. Kevin Feige himself from way back in 2014 might be finally coming true a full decade later, once Anthony Mackie’s solo movie arrives in theaters in May 2024. You have to hand it to the man, he likes to plays the long game.

It’s not even out yet, but Quantumania is already coming bottom of the Ant-Man trilogy ranking in one unexpected way

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Sheesh, at least the Thor: Love and Thunder hate train took a couple of months to roll out the station. Unfortunately, for Quantumania, it’s not even out in theaters until February and it’s still being labelled as the worst Ant-Man flick, albeit in one very specific way. A walk down memory lane of posters past has convinced fans that the promotion for these movies has been getting less creative and ugly as each film has come and gone. Let’s just hope this is the only way it’s the weakest of the bunch.

As Avengers: The Kang Dynasty promises to showcase Phase Four’s heroes, fans know who they want to see grab the spotlight

MCU Phase Four
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Writer Jeff Loveness is already teasing a little of what we can expect in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, promising that it’ll bring together many of your favorite Phase Four heroes and give them the spotlight. So expect more from the likes of She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, America Chavez and others… Although, ask most folks, and it seems they have a particular hero in mind for who they most want to see hoover up the screentime in Avengers 5. Let’s hope the sun doesn’t set on this character before then.

Could Kang be replaced as the big bad of the Multiverse Saga by someone even bigger and badder?

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We’re about to meet Jonathan Majors’ real Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, kickstarting his threat to all reality that’ll culminate in Avengers: Secret Wars. And yet a bold new fan theory has risen up in the Marvel community that wonders if we’re being misdirected from the truth and another, even more powerful, villain will eventually be outed as the actual big bad of the Multiverse Saga. But who could be even badder than Kang? Well, we have some ideas…

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