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Latest Marvel News: Sony webs up yet another Spidey villain movie as an MCU bad guy confirms they’re still alive

Antagonists assemble.


Hold back, heroes, it’s the villains’ time to shine. The biggest Marvel news of the day this Friday concerns not the MCU, but its less-loved younger brother who resents their older sibling for inheriting all the good looks and charisma — namely, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, which has just added another new movie to its docket. Elsewhere, one of the most effective foes the Avengers ever faced has assured us their character is still alive, even though we never thought they weren’t.

Sony orders another Spider-Verse sequel (and no, don’t worry, it’s not Morbius)

via Sony

Prepare yourselves, people, Sony is unleashing yet another of its Spidey spinoff movies on an unsuspecting world. In news that shouldn’t come as a shock, the studio is moving forward with Venom 3, with the Tom Hardy-starring franchise yet again changing directors. Andy Serkis, who already replaced Ruben Fleischer on Let There be Carnage, is likewise ducking out in favor of Kelly Marcel (Fifty Shades of Grey) making their directorial debut on the threequel.

One of the MCU’s best ever bad guys teases their return in Phase Five

via Marvel Studios

When the MCU’s Thunderbolts cast was announced, fans were confused why Baron Zemo, a fixture of the team in the comics, wasn’t among them. Well, Daniel Bruhl is still pleading the fifth on this one, but when quizzed about his potential involvement in the anti-hero ensemble flick, he did promise that the Sokovian aristocrat is “not dead.” Which is probably pretty much all he can possibly say without Kevin Feige using E.D.I.T.H. to send a missile after him.

Who’s William Jackson Harper playing in Ant-Man 3? It sure ain’t Reed Richards

Image Via Fremulon/Netflix

The Good Place graduate William Jackson Harper is the latest star to join Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which initially got the fandom all in tizzy given that he’s a top choice for Reed Richards. But more sensible suggestions have since arisen over who he might actually be portraying in the threequel, with the general consensus being that he will play a superpowered citizen of Chronopolis — the Quantum Realm city — who allies with Team Ant-Man. We’ll find out for sure next February.

What is Vision Quest if not WandaVision persevering?

Screengrab via Marvel Studios / Disney Plus

The latest MCU rumor gaining steam on social media goes that Marvel is developing a second WandaVision spinoff, in addition to Agatha: Coven of Chaos. This one would reportedly be called Vision Quest and presumably star White Vision. You’d expect fans to go gaga over the promise of more of Paul Bettany’s ruminating robot, but actually the news has split folks down the middle, as some think the Vision’s story should be over and done with, apparently forgetting White Vision is completely his own character. Did nobody pay attention to his whole “Ship of Theseus” spiel?

Stay tuned for more daily Marvel news roundups as the House of Ideas keeps on building outwards.

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