Leonardo DiCaprio’s 10 Most Incredible Performances

The Wolf of Wall Street

It’s been a long time coming – he got his first nomination 22 years ago, and there have been three other AMPAS acting nods since – but 2016 looks like the year that the ‘Where’s my Oscar?’ memes end and Leonardo DiCaprio at last wins that Academy Award. The competition might be tough (Michael Fassbender, for one, will put up a fight), but at this point likely no one is going to stop Leo from taking home the big prize.

The Revenant features what by all accounts is a DiCaprio performance built by months of hardship, spent in freezing corners of Canada and Argentina, eating raw animal and sleeping in horse carcass. It’s a tough, fiercely committed turn from an actor who’s before our eyes gone from a young pretender to one of the most reliable leading men in Hollywood; and, when on-form, one of the best.

Though just 41, DiCaprio has been acting professionally for close to three decades already. In that time, he’s delivered some truly stunning performances, and here are his ten best (excluding The Revenant).