Let’s Be Honest: Captain America: Civil War Is Overrated


The Sokovia Accords

If you think about it, the whole concept of the Sokovia Accords is no different from any other agreement or treaty. Why shouldn’t the Avengers be held accountable and taken to task like everyone else in a position of power? Sorry, Steve, but Tony was actually right here, and you, as a former soldier, should know the importance of rules and adhering to a superior’s instructions.

Unfortunately, the Sokovia Accords didn’t possess the same immediate impact as the Superhero Registration Act from the original Civil War storyline. In this version, it was made clear from the get-go that superpowered individuals had to register, almost like law enforcement officers, and reveal their real names, residing addresses, etc. Naturally, you can see the issue with revealing that sort of sensitive information, especially if it lands in the hands of villains, which we all know live and breathe in government institutions.

It’s much easier to understand why superheroes would be reluctant to reveal personal information in fear of their families being targeted. It highlights the genuine risk of this line of work versus just not wanting to report to a couple of suits. That said, it’s also mentioned in the film that fingerprints and DNA will be stored as part of the Sokovia Accords, so it does still borrow elements from the Superhero Registration Act. However, the downsides aren’t made quite as clear as in the original Act.

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