Liam Neeson Boards The Entourage Movie


With filming now underway on the Entourage movie (yay!), the cast continues to grow. We’ve heard in recent weeks about Haley Joel Osment and Billy Bob Thornton both joining the project and today, we receive the somewhat unexpected news that Liam Neeson will have a role as well. There’s no details on which character he’ll take on but The Wrap reports that it’s a small part and most likely he’ll be playing himself.

If The Wrap is correct, then Neeson will be just one of a whole handful of big name stars who will appear as themselves in the film. Or at least, I assume that will be the case.

Those who have seen the original HBO show know that it was famous for its frequent cameos from celebrities who would show up to interact with Vinnie Chase and his crew in some way or another. It lent a sense of authenticity to the show, which followed a rising movie star in Hollywood, and was one of its more enjoyable aspects. Seeing that creator Doug Ellin looks to translate that over to the movie is certainly pleasing to hear and I’m eager to find out which other celebs will be signing on to play themselves.

Entourage hits theatres on June 12th, 2015, and as a longtime fan of the show, I could not be more excited.