Lightyear Teaser Trailer Sets Records With 83M Views In First 24 Hours

lightyear early reactions
Image via Pixar / Disney

We’re getting more insights on the impact of the buzz surrounding Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story spinoff Lightyear. The news comes to us from Deadline, who reports that the teaser for the Chris Evans-voiced film has generated 83 million views in its first 24 hours after premiering on Wednesday.

The Angus MacLane-directed film’s teaser has beat out other Disney heavy hitters’ 24-hour traffic from teasers, such as Toy Story 4‘s 62M, Soul‘s 32M, Luca‘s 28M and even Eternals‘ 77M global views from its first online trailer from the end of May, which represented the most-watched trailer for a Disney-Marvel amid the pandemic. Lightyear‘s first day teaser traffic numbers even outranked Cruella‘s 71M.

The only first-day Pixar trailer to beat it in views was Incredibles 2 with an incredible (too) 114M.

You can watch the trailer right here.

The teaser’s popularity was especially evident with Lightyear generating five total trends on Twitter, becoming the social media site’s number one ranked trend for most of the day almost immediately after liftoff. Some of those trends included “To infinity and beyond,” “Chris Evans,” and “Toy Story.” In addition, some fans discussed whether it was controversial to recast the character to be portrayed by Evans, instead of Toy Story’s Tim Allen. The teaser also became a top trending story on Reddit and YouTube.

Lightyear, which centers on a character purported to be the “real life” inspiration for the toy, blasts into theaters on June 17, 2022. Check here for all the latest news on the film and other development.s