Linden Porco Brings The Gore In New Leprechaun Returns Images


With Leprechaun Returns just a couple of weeks away from release, Lionsgate has shared a new set of stills from the horror-comedy sequel that give us another taste of the carnage coming our way.

The first installment in the horror-comedy series since 2014’s widely rejected Leprechaun: Origins, the Steven Kostanski-helmed film sees the familiar killer heading for Alpha Upsilon house, and in this latest batch of images, we’re given a couple more glimpses at the students charged with suffering through this frightful night. We also get another look at the makeup job done on the Leprechaun’s latest rendition, but the most notable photo in this set is almost certainly the pic in which Linden Porco’s character appears to be bursting out of a victim’s torso Alien-style.

After Origins tanked with longtime fans, Lionsgate is presumably hoping that this new flick will make a convincing enough case that the series doesn’t need Warwick Davis in the title role to still feel like Leprechaun. In that sense, the return of Mark Holton might help matters, with the Pee-wee’s Big Adventure star reprising his part as Ozzie Jones for the first time since the 1993 original.

Beyond that, the film’s sorority setup sounds back-to-basics enough to satisfy horror nostalgists. The movie’s synopsis explains how the sisters of Alpha Upsilon house awaken the Leprechaun when they use a nearby well as an environmentally friendly source of water. Cue another round of quirky killings, accompanied by the occasional rhyming couplet.

“Why you look so sore?” Porco asks one of his victim in the film’s first trailer. “Audiences love lots of gore.” Based on the above pics, Leprechaun Returns will be bringing just that when it comes to Digital on December 11th.