New Leprechaun Returns Trailer Promises Lots Of Carnage


Earlier this month, we were treated to the first poster for the upcoming Leprechaun Returns, which featured the title killer emerging from a wishing well. Now, we’ve got a better look at where this depraved creature is headed thanks to a new trailer, which debuted online today and promises lots of carnage to come.

The first outing in the horror-comedy series since 2014’s disappointing Leprechaun: Origins, the Steven Kostanski-helmed film will be taking the action to Alpha Upsilon house, where some sorority sisters thought it’d be a good idea to use a nearby well as an environmentally friendly source of water. While trying to go green, though, they unfortunately awaken the titular Irish monster, who’s seemingly in the mood for some killing.

Though Returns does indeed look more geared towards pleasing fans than Origins was, the Leprechaun who’s making this “Return” won’t be the same one we’ve seen in previous installments. Filling the well-polished shoes of Warwick Davis (and briefly, Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl) will be Linden Porco.

In a recent interview, the actor explained that he wasn’t trying to recreate the performance that Davis brought to the first six films, telling Slasher Radio Podcast, “I think everything in this movie is my own.”  He did, however, say that he drew influence from another iconic movie psycho:

“I modeled it actually after… you know The Dark Knight?… with Heath Ledger…as soon as I thought of the Leprechaun, I thought of the Joker. So I sort of modeled the Leprechaun after that. Heath Ledger was absolutely outstanding in that movie. I just sort of modeled it after him a little bit. And put my own spin on it as well. I’m pretty happy with my performance in it.”

If you’re down for another round of unusually quirky killings, Leprechaun Returns arrives on Digital next month, on December 11th.