Why The Live-Action Superman: Red Son Movie Would Be A Mistake

If recent rumors are true, the DC Extended Universe is about to veer into uncharted territory. A new report began making the rounds last week that said Warner Bros. is considering a live-action adaptation of Superman: Red Son. First published in 2003 and written by Mark Millar, the story takes place in an alternate universe, one where Superman’s rocket crash lands in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville.

On Twitter, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts spoke about how he pitched a Red Son movie months ago. Millar chimed in as well, noting that Warner Bros. has tossed around the idea with a few directors. While that may be exciting to fans, it’s important to realize that a live-action adaptation of this comic would be a big mistake for the still-burgeoning DCEU.

This isn’t a knock on the story itself. Since it was first published, Red Son has gone on to receive much well-deserved praise. Without a doubt, it’s the best work Millar has ever written, and it’s also one of the best stories DC has ever produced under its Elseworlds banner for alternate universe tales. In fact, Red Son ranks right up there with Batman: Gotham By Gaslight and Kingdom Come.

The problem isn’t the story. No, it’s the potential it has for derailing the DCEU.