10 Logan Easter Eggs You May Have Missed


Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final stint in the role of Wolverine, is finally here and thankfully, it’s everything we wanted it to be and more – with critics and audiences alike showering heaps of praise upon it. A stripped-back, sombre take on the superhero genre, it’s being called one of the finest comic book movies ever by many and that’s a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with.

Its unique, down-to-earth approach means that it’s largely cut off from the wider X-Men universe. However, that doesn’t stop it from featuring a bunch of easter eggs and references to the previous movies in the franchise, comic books both old and new and other classics of cinema.

Some are easy to catch, while others not so much. What you’ll find here, then, are 10 that may have slipped past you. Of course, spoilers will follow from this point on. So, if you haven’t yet seen Logan, bookmark this page and return later. If you’ve already had the pleasure of experiencing the threequel though, then dive right in!