Lucasfilm Reportedly Bringing Darth Bane To Live-Action

Darth Bane

The Star Wars mythology is so vast and expansive that the potential for movies and TV shows set in a galaxy far, far away is almost infinite, but so far Lucasfilm have retained an infuriatingly narrow scope. The Sequel Trilogy, Rogue One and Solo all tied back to the events of George Lucas’ originals in some way, with the Skywalkers once again positioned as the family that every major incident in the entire universe must be connected to.

However, The Mandalorian told a new story grounded in familiar iconography, and the upcoming second season will be introducing several fan favorite animated characters into the mix. In a refreshing change of pace from recent Star Wars projects, it also appears that Mando has never even heard of Luke Skywalker and his clan before, so hopefully this marks the first step towards broadening the franchise’s narrative horizons.

Darth Bane

Of course, countless names from the extensive Star Wars back catalogue have been rumored for the live-action treatment in recent months, and insider Daniel Richtman now claims that Darth Bane could be one of them, confirming We Got This Covered’s scoop from last year, when we told you that the studio had plans for him. Arguably the most influential Sith ever, Bane’s story unfolds a thousand years before The Clone Wars, and he’s been established as one of the most important figures in the evil Order’s history.

Having only made one brief onscreen appearance in a single episode of The Clone Wars, where he was voiced by none other than Mark Hamill, the villain has a clean slate in terms of the canon established on the big and small screen. Kathleen Kennedy has already admitted that future movies and TV shows will be widening the scope to cover the entire Star Wars timeline, and if that’s the case, then there are few better or more formidable characters to play a major role in upcoming projects than Darth Bane.