Lucasfilm Reportedly Watching Its Stars Closely To Avoid Another Gina Carano Situation

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian initially had a spotless record as nothing but goodwill surrounded the hit Disney Plus show. However, over the past year, all the controversy around Gina Carano threatened to taint it. That is, until, Lucasfilm cut ties with the actress after her divisive social media behavior became too much to handle. Distancing the franchise from Carano mostly did the trick, though there are many who still support her, but it’s easy to imagine that the studio is desperate to avoid another situation like this at all costs.

Sure enough, a new rumor is now pointing to Lucasfilm keeping closer tabs on its stars moving forward in order to stop a Carano controversy from happening before it even starts. According to what scooper Daniel Richtman has shared on his Patreon page, Lucasfilm is paying close attention to its leading cast members from now on. It’s not entirely clear what that means, but presumably they’re watching their actors’ social media accounts with a sharp eye.

“Lucasfilm is keeping close track of its stars to make sure there’s not another Gina situation,” says Richtman.

If someone starts to voice controversial views, then, they’d likely be advised to stop. Obviously, Carano was also warned to cool it before her own firing and she ignored both her bosses and co-star Pedro Pascal. Perhaps we can infer from this, though, that if someone else shows this kind of attitude, then the studio may be quicker to let them go next time.

There’s no one else in the franchise who’s really making the same kind of noise online as Carano, but Ahsoka‘s Rosario Dawson does have some vocal critics due to troubling transphobic allegations against her. The actress has strenuously denied these accusations, however, which come from a single individual, and is otherwise a very popular public figure, so Lucasfilm might not be fretting to the same extent over Dawson.

It’s currently unclear whether Gina Carano is being replaced as Cara Dune or not for The Mandalorian season 3, which starts shooting in April, but you can expect more news soon.