Lucasfilm Open To Developing Star Wars Movies Based On Legends Material

Star Wars Legends

Even before Disney began their renewed Star Wars franchise earlier this decade, fans were already incensed by the decision to wipe the Expanded Universe from continuity, instead labelling the years’ worth of books, comics, video games, etc. as “Legends.” At least many of the concepts and characters have made their way back into the canon though, courtesy of the likes of Solo and Star Wars Rebels.

Lucasfilm might be looking to go even further, however, and draw from the Legends to create new Star Wars projects. SuperBroMovies’ Daniel Richtman updated his Patreon to reveal that his “Disney insider” told him that the studio’s knocking around ideas for films/TV shows for the likes of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Old Republic and Darth Bane.

“So my Disney insider just told me they got another survey asking them if they’ll want to see “movies/shows based on Legends books/games with examples being Thrawn, Old Republic, and Darth Bane.”

As Richtman says, this is just at the surveying for ideas stage at the moment, but it should be exciting news for fans of the old EU all the same, as these Legends elements are some of the most popular parts of Star Wars history that aren’t in live-action. They wouldn’t even break continuity, either, as the Old Republic era’s a blank slate in terms of screen stories while Thrawn and Bane have shown up on The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, respectively.

Lucasfilm has already displayed that they’re looking to expand the franchise in fresh ways across different platforms, as Disney Plus will soon be home to Star Wars‘ first live-action TV series. Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorianstarring Pedro Pascal as another warrior from Mandalore (who’s not Jango or Boba Fett), is expected to arrive later this very year, and if it’s the success that the studio’s hoping it’ll be, maybe they’ll push forward on these intriguing Legends-inspired projects.