Marvel’s Reportedly Considering Two Big Villains For Avengers 5

Avengers: Endgame

We know that there won’t be a new Avengers movie for the next couple of years, as Marvel aims to introduce some fresh properties and work through a few highly-anticipated sequels, but Avengers 5 is definitely on the way. The roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will likely be very different when they next assemble, though, and they’ll be needing a fresh foe, too. And here’s two possibilities for who that could be.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Taskmaster would be the villain of Black Widow and that a Green Lantern TV show was happening, both of which turned out to be true – that Marvel is considering between two major villains to go against the heroes in Avengers 5. Obviously, at this stage, it’s way too early for any concrete plot details, but the studio is still thinking about who should be the next big bad for the team.

And the choice, we’re told, is currently between Kang the Conqueror and the Masters of Evil. Of course, things can always change as the project is so far out, but for now, at least, we’re told that these are the two options that Kevin Feige and co. are discussing behind closed doors.

While it’s unclear which antagonist the studio is currently leaning towards, Kang has been suggested by fans as the perfect big bad to replace Thanos for some time now and thanks to the Fox buyout, Marvel can now make use of the frequent Fantastic Four villain. The time-traveling tyrant has often caused issues for the Avengers in the comics, too, and while there’s a high-concept edge to the character, the scope would still be a little smaller than the Mad Titan’s universal decimation, which we’re hearing is something Marvel’s aiming for.

The Masters of Evil, meanwhile, are effectively the House of Idea’s answer to the Legion of Doom – a union of some of the most dangerous supervillains in the MU. Baron Zemo is often the leader of the group and while he’s coming back in The Falcon and the Winter Soldierit’s unclear if he’d appear in Avengers 5. In fact, we’re hearing Doctor Doom could be included as a member of the Masters instead. Could he be the leader in this iteration? Time will tell.

In any case, Avengers 5 is expected to hit cinemas in 2023 and while we wait for more info, be sure to share which one of these villains you’d prefer to see in the comments section down below.