Marvel And DC Collide In The Fan-Made Crossover Trailer To End All Others


Fans often ask themselves what would happen if the Avengers and the Justice League crossed paths. But they’ve been thinking too small, as this new trailer imagines how things would go down if the Avengers and the Justice League met… and then crossed over with the X-Men and the heroes of the Arrowverse in one big Marvel/DC event.

YouTuber UltraSargent has clearly thought long and hard about the storyline behind this imagined crossover, rather than just mindlessly chucking in every hero under the sun. Basically, it employs MacGuffins like the Tesseract to open portals between the worlds and brings in Grant Gustin’s Flash to speed his way through time, as well as wrapping the whole thing in a merger of Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Days of Future Past, with bits of the Knightmare sequence from Batman V Superman sprinkled in for good measure.

Here’s how UltraSargent described the storyline in an accompanying synopsis:  

“While experimenting with the Tesseract, Bruce Wayne accidentally causes a chain of events which fuses the Marvel & DC Earths. Now combined, the worlds learn to live together peacefully. Or so they think. The future. A dark, desolate world. With such a growing number of super-powered people existing, the Governments of the world decide to initiate the Vigilante Registration Act and attempt to round up all mutants & metahumans.”

Continuing on, it reads:

“The world descends into disarray. Heroes are forced to take sides – each having conflicting beliefs. Some believe powerful individuals need to be put in check, while others feel they should be given the freedom they deserve. Professor X seeks out Barry Allen, to travel backwards in time to stop the Vigilante Registration Act being passed and prevent the events that lead to the abominable future. However, unbeknown to them, a deeper threat lurks in the shadows.”

While we sadly have to face facts that a Marvel/DC crossover movie is a highly unlikely possibility at this juncture, it’s exciting to think that we’re soon to be halfway there in making this mash-up a reality. Thanks to Disney buying out 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios are about to get the rights to the X-Men franchise and you can bet that in just a few years we’ll have the Avengers and the mutants coming face to face on the big screen.

Whether they’ll be played by folks such as James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman or simply rebooted with a fresh cast, we don’t know, but it’s certainly exciting to think about and we can’t wait to see what Marvel ends up doing with their new properties down the road.