More Incredible Fan Art Shows Us Henry Cavill As The MCU’s Wolverine


Marvel fans have suggested a range of actors over the past couple of years as potential candidates to play Wolverine in the MCU, but a new star we’d never considered before has recently risen to the top of the pack. A hot rumor is going around that Marvel is eyeing up Superman actor Henry Cavill to replace Hugh Jackman as the Adamantium X-Man. And it seems most Logan lovers would definitely be alright with it.

If you’re not yet convinced yourself, though, maybe at least one of these pieces of art will change your mind. Marvel fan artists across social media have got busy imagining how Cavill could look in the role, with each one offering a different take on how he may appear. In fact, in the gallery below, you’ll find offerings from @kinoman_az, @royy_ledger, @rimo.dey and @apexform, in that order. Enjoy!

I think most fans of The Witcher star would probably prefer it if Cavill got another go at playing the Man of Steel over in the DCEU, but failing that, then it would be great to see him switch over to the MCU instead. Remember, he’s also been linked to a couple of other characters. Namely, Sentry – kind of Marvel’s answer to Superman – and Captain Britain – England’s counterpart to Captain America.

But as Wolverine? Well, if the studio is looking for something who would vaguely fit a similar mold to Jackman’s tall, dark and handsome take on the character, then sure, he’d be a good pick. Some fans want a shorter, grizzlier Logan this time, though, to better adapt the comics, but maybe Jackman’s so intrinsically connected to the hero now that you need someone to match his stature and looks.

What do you think, though? Have these pieces of fan art made you want to see Henry Cavill as the next Wolverine? Or do you have someone else in mind? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.