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Marvel fan dares to suggest that ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ is actually happening too soon

Is 2025 too soon?

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Image via Marvel Comics

MCU fans have been waiting for news of a Secret Wars movie ever since Avengers: Endgame got here, and Marvel finally delivered the goods at Comic-Con. The next two-part Avengers event is confirmed to entail May 2025’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty followed by Avengers: Secret Wars that November. We’ve still got about three and a half years until the blockbuster is finally here, then, but one brave individual has dared to suggest that Secret Wars might actually be coming too soon.

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Twitter user @comicyehu got a surprising amount of support after they shared their critique of the Secret Wars news. Their gripe with the film coming out in just a few years is that it won’t give enough time for the Fantastic Four to be properly established prior to one of the most important stories in their history being adapted.

“One of my biggest issues with the MCU’s roadmap is that it leaves so little time for the F4 to become major players in the MCU,” they argued. “We get their first movie and then BAM ITS THEIR BIGGEST EVENT FOR SOME REASON?? Theres no longevity in something like that.”

SDCC also delivered confirmation that Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot is coming in Nov. 2024, so that’s only 12 months prior to Secret Wars. As for why this is important in the first place, 2015’s Secret Wars comic book crossover featured the Four at its center, as Doctor Doom serves as its main villain once he steals the power of The Beyonder and his endless rivalry with Reed Richards comes to the fore.

Obviously, the MCU’s version of the event will likely be much different, with Kang presumably having a major role to play in it. Nevertheless, if it’s to have anything in common with the original storyline, the Four will be a significant part of it. But will that be as satisfying when we’ve only just met these iterations of Marvel’s First Family for the first time? Or will the thrill of witnessing Secret Wars finally unfold make up for that?