Marvel Fan Discovers Hint Of Major Doc Ock Plot Detail In Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer


Just over 24 hours since Spider-Man: No Way Homes very first trailer launched fans are still noticing new details present in the footage and what they could mean for the film. One of the most recent discoveries by a Marvel fan on Twitter may hint that Doc Ock isn’t in total control during his appearance in the trailer.

When we first meet Alred Molina’s Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 he is simply a scientist called Dr. Otto Octavius who is inherently good and looking to further the advancement of technology, however, after donning his AI-robotic arms and following the breaking of his inhibitor chip on the back of his neck, he is overcome by the artificial intelligence that inevitably leads him into becoming the villain of the film.

During his appearance in the No Way Home trailer, a Twitter user has spotted that the mechanical arms may be in control once again thanks to one minor detail.

When he appears the mechanical arms can be seen to emit red light on the end of their claw similar to how they did during the Spider-Man 2 film. Also included in the tweet is footage of when Doc Ock retains control of the mechanical arms in Spider-Man 2 and the lights can be seen to have turned white.

While this shouldn’t be a huge shock as just from the limited footage we’ve seen of Doc Ock’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he doesn’t seem to be an ally for Peter, but it does hint that the character progression Otto in Spider-Man 2 may not have been completely forgotten and instead of being a standard bad guy, the AI-machine is simply in control once again.

Fans of Spider-Man 2 can hope for this to be the case and for Otto’s legacy to remain intact but we won’t know for certain until the film launches in theatres on December 17, 2021.