Marvel Fans Debate Which Heroes They Want To See Fight Next In The MCU

Marvel's Behind the Mask

Marvel fans are always in a debate over aspects of the universe whether it be the strongest hero, the best villain, the best movie, the best comic run, or in this case, which heroes should do battle next inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Right now on Reddit, fans are sharing their ideas of what they’d like to see take place on the big screen with some of the comic book’s biggest names in the discussion to do battle within the MCU.

Some of the most popular characters receiving the call to battle include the iconic X-Men characters Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk. Among these two have been plenty of other characters and foes to take on. Here are some of the best ideas taken from the community.

Plenty of these ideas are possible now that Disney Marvel has access to a much larger roster of characters, including Fantastic 4 and X-Men, but many are also unlikely. Marvel fans will just have to sit tight and wait to see where the MCU goes in the future and which characters may find one another across the battlefield.