Marvel Fans Are Angry Over Black Panther’s Best Picture Loss

Black Panther in Avengers Infinity War

Green Book was a controversial recipient for the Best Picture Oscar for many reasons, but for Marvel fans, the result proved particularly painful for the victory it denied Black Panther.

As the highest-grossing film of 2018 domestically and the second highest-grossing globally, Ryan Coogler’s latest effort didn’t exactly need any Academy Awards to be considered a success, and even on the night of the ceremony, Marvel Studios found much to be happy about, with the feature becoming the first superhero movie to take home as many as three Oscars.

Nonetheless, as the first of its genre to compete in the Best Picture category, many were hoping that Black Panther could go all the way and nab the main prize. Evidently, it wasn’t meant to be, and so fans took to Twitter to express their outrage and disappointment:

As saddened as fans were that Black Panther didn’t triumph in the Best Picture race, the fact that it was nominated at all in the category marks a first for superhero cinema. And seeing how prior to last night, Marvel Studios had exactly zero Oscars to its name, we can overall call it a pretty successful evening for the studio.

In fact, despite Avengers: Infinity War losing its sole nomination in the Best Visual Effects category to First Man, this could still be considered a pretty great year for the Marvel brand as a whole, with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse taking home the award for Best Animated Feature Film.

But as far as superhero movies go, the night very much belonged to Black Panther, ensuring that Ryan Coogler has some lofty expectations to live up to when he gets to work on the sequel. In the meantime, if the early buzz is anything to go by, then Captain Marvel is set to get Marvel Studios’ 2019 slate off to a strong start when it hits theaters on March 8th.