Marvel Won’t Release Anymore Avengers: Endgame Trailers


We are now *checks calendar* 21 films deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe – including Captain Marvel, that is – and most would agree that by this point, the MCU has become one of the most lucrative franchises in Hollywood. If not the most.

After all, no other modern movie series houses 21 installments, but it’s a credit to Marvel’s creative team that, even now, after almost three phases of spectacle and more superheroes than we can keep track of, fans are beyond excited for the next big-screen adventure. That honor currently belongs to Avengers: Endgame, which will touch down in April and is currently riding an enormous wave of hype.

It’s a real heavy-hitter – the kind of cinematic event big enough to warrant a midnight screening and a day off work. In fact, some people feel that it’s so massive that it didn’t even need a trailer, and though Marvel obviously felt differently, the marketing for Endgame has certainly been a bit stingy. True, we’ve had two full-length previews and a few TV spots, but they’ve shown us very little and it seems that’s all we’ll be getting, as the studio won’t release anymore proper trailers from this point on.

A source close to We Got This Covered has informed us that Kevin Feige and co. won’t be revealing any additional Endgame footage between now and when it hits theaters, and while we may see some further TV spots, they’ll mostly be made up of recycled scenes which we’ve already laid eyes on. There may be a new shot or a new piece of dialogue sprinkled in here and there, but from what we understand, there won’t be any substantial new content in any of the remaining promos.

And really, that’s perfectly fine. After all, with roughly a month to go until the film hits theaters, we’re not too far off now from seeing the thing in full and there’s certainly been enough to whet our appetite – even if that last trailer was a bit underwhelming due to the fact that it was mostly made up of footage from previous MCU movies.

Regardless, this is the strategy Marvel’s chosen and given that Avengers: Endgame is expected to break any and all box office records next month, it looks like it’s one that’s about to pay off big time.