Marvel Reportedly Has Big Plans For Hercules In The MCU


Disney already have one version of Hercules on the horizon, with the Russo brothers set to produce the latest in the Mouse House’s multi-billion dollar bonanza of live-action remakes based on their extensive back catalogue of animated classics, and The Expendables, Wonder Woman 1984 and Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings‘ David Callaham is currently hard at work on the script. However, the studio could see themselves doubling down on the son of Zeus in the near future, with recent speculation hinting that Marvel Comics’ interpretation of the character could soon be on the way to their shared cinematic universe.

A few months ago, we heard that the MCU’s Hercules might even show up as soon as Thor: Love and Thunder in a cameo role. And while Marvel have yet to officially announce that, a new report seems to indicate that his involvement in the franchise could be much bigger than we thought.

As per the latest scoop, which comes from tipster Mikey Sutton, there’s talk about bringing Hercules to Disney Plus as part of a live-action Journey Into Mystery show, with Sutton claiming that Kevin Feige is said to be a huge fan of the character’s 1982 and 1984 comic book run Hercules: Prince of Power, which would serve as the inspiration behind the fantasy series.

While this should be taken with a pinch of salt as always, if Marvel are keen on diversifying their small screen output as much as possible to stop it from becoming stale and repetitive, then an irreverent and light-hearted fantasy show with a Greek god in the lead role would certainly present something different, and might also lead to Hercules making the jump to the big screen given that he has plenty of history in the comic books with some of the MCU’s big names past, present and future like Thor, the Eternals and the X-Men.