Marvel Reportedly Hesitant To Make Sharon Carter A Major Villain After Fan Backlash


The reveal of Sharon Carter as the Power Broker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was certainly a bit underwhelming, even if it made total sense as far as the arc that she’s been following. Indeed, after being disavowed and named as a fugitive by the government that she dedicated her entire adult life to, it’s easy to understand why the former Agent 13 is so pissed off.

Unfortunately, though, the reveal didn’t really hit that hard since everyone had been expecting it for a while, and the real meat of the revelation was actually held back until the finale’s post-credits scene, which sees the Power Broker embedding herself in the highest levels of security and intelligence, a decision that’ll come back to haunt the MCU’s new Captain America.

And though Sharon is expected to be sticking around for a while, it seems that Marvel may be rethinking their plans for her. While we’d originally heard that she was being set up as major villain for the future, That Hashtag Show has now chimed in to say that things may not go that way anymore.


According to the outlet, Carter was initially going to be the primary antagonist in Captain America 4, but after the backlash to the reveal of her as the Power Broker, the studio is now looking to reduce her role in the film and get someone else to fill the part of chief villain.

We do also know that Emily VanCamp will be returning as Sharon Carter/Power Broker, however, her role changed. She was originally planned to be the film’s main villain. Though Marvel and Kevin Feige are hesitant to make her the main villain after a negative fan response to her arc on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. So expect her to have a role, but a reduced role, not the main villain role.

Of course, with the movie still so far off, things can always change between now and then and we already know we’ll be seeing Sharon Carter again in the not too distant future, as she’s apparently set to return in Disney Plus’ Secret Invasion. So, perhaps if the response to her in that show is a bit better, Marvel will reconsider their decision.

For now, though, it seems like we can expect the character to be in Captain America 4, but she won’t be the one taking the title of primary antagonist.