I Believe In Marvel Studios: Bringing Spider-Man To The MCU



For the third time this century, a brand new actor has been cast as one of our world’s most iconic heroes on the big screen. It will now be Tom Holland, a nineteen year old Londoner of The Impossible fame, who will pull on the famous red and blues in Spider-Man’s first Sony/Marvel crossover in 2017. Audiences won’t have to wait all that time, however, and will first get to see this latest version of Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War.

Comic book fans will have been praying for Pete to appear in the new Captain America movie, given how important he and his actions are in the original story. Nevertheless, speculation is rife as to just how everyone’s favourite wall-crawler will actually show up, especially since this will debut before his latest so-called reboot. Running a new version of the famous origin story has reportedly been shut down, given that movie-goers have already seen two such tales within the last fifteen years. That being said, doesn’t such an important and heartbreaking series of events deserve one final, fitting gambit?

Peter’s emotional backstory is part of what makes him such a bold and selfless hero as Spider-Man, and even some of the character’s most recent comic stories have brought new emphasis to this trait. Do the two studios need to set the stall out again so that the character’s actions and influence in the sweeping events of Civil War carry the right gravitas and reason? Well, in a word, no…

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