Marvel’s X-Men Reboot May Feature A Surprising Avenger

X-Men 2 Photo

Something Marvel will be looking to do when they eventually reboot the X-Men in the near future is highlight the characters that Fox either didn’t pay much attention to or just didn’t do justice in their films. Rogue would probably be at the top of that list, as Anna Paquin’s version of the hero was a far cry from the super-strong Southern Belle in the comics.

In fact, we’ve heard in the past that Rogue could even appear as soon as Captain Marvel 2, with the studio said to have big plans for the fan favorite. After all, Rogue and Carol Danvers have some heavy history in the source material and it’d make sense for her to appear in the aforementioned sequel. But apparently, plans may have now changed.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us a Ms. Marvel show is coming to Disney PlusTransformers is being rebooted and Rey would be revealed as Palpatine’s [SPOILERS] in The Rise of Skywalker – the studio feels that Captain Marvel 2 is getting a bit too crowded to be introducing Rogue and instead, may just have Brie Larson’s heroine show up in the X-Men reboot instead and kick off their MCU relationship in that film.

As fans will know, Rogue was initially an enemy of the X-Men before she came across Carol Danvers. Due to her powers, she permanently absorbed not only Captain Marvel’s own Kree abilities, but her personality, too. Thanks to this, she was able to reform herself and ultimately ended up as a hero.

We’re told that if Rogue doesn’t end up in Carol’s second solo outing, this arc will begin to play out in the X-Men reboot instead. No final decision has been made just yet, but either way, it certainly sounds like the pair’s comic book history will be translating to the big screen once the mutants make their MCU debut.