The Matrix 4 Star Teases Physically Intense Action Scenes


We don’t know an awful lot about the fourth installment in The Matrix franchise, and that even includes the title despite the simultaneous theatrical and HBO Max release being just over six months away, although we should be finding out what it’s called soon with the first trailer widely expected to arrive attached to one of Warner Bros.’ major blockbusters, with James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad touted as a contender.

Plot details are also unsurprisingly shrouded in the typical mix of secrecy and mystery, although leading man Keanu Reeves did tease that it would be a love story first and foremost. Of course, one thing we can guarantee from the iconic sci-fi property is a string of showstopping and potentially game-changing action scenes, with The Matrix always being famed for its intricate choreography and boundary-pushing visual effects.

In a new interview, star Jessica Henwick teased that she’s been involved in some of the more physically taxing sequences, and even found time to lament the fact that a few of her colleagues joined such a well-known action-driven brand and didn’t receive the opportunity to get their hands dirty.

“I haven’t seen a cut of the film, so I don’t know what’s in it and what isn’t, but I trained every day for months. There are a couple of cast members who didn’t have any physical stuff and they were so sad. How can you be in The Matrix and not get to do any of the good stuff?”

Henwick is no stranger to onscreen combat having appeared as Coleen Wing in Netflix’s Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders, while she also had an eight-episode stint on Game of Thrones and is currently shooting the Russo brothers’ globetrotting heist thriller The Gray Man with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, so based on nothing but her filmography, it was always likely that she’d be one of the new faces to get strapped into one of The Matrix 4‘s wire rigs and launched around with reckless abandon.