Matthew McConaughey stuns the internet with incredible singing voice

Matthew McConaughey

The internet is being reminded that actor Matthew McConaughey has a great singing voice in addition to having exceptional Thespian chops.

A cheery musical number from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon absolutely cements McConaughey as the right choice for reprising his role as the koala bear Buster Moon in the upcoming animated film Sing 2, which comes out next week.

The musical number, which also featured host Fallon and guest band Haim lending their vocals to the song, centered around holiday celebrations that will once again be face-to-face for many after last year’s coronavirus pandemic relegated many familial gatherings to a Zoom meeting. It included impressively choreographed dance segments as well. Check out the clip right here.

Fans of both Fallon and McConaughey loved the musical detour and many expressed their admiration on Twitter.

One fan even called the performance “totally awesome!”

Another Twitter user exclaimed the number was just “heavenly.”

Another user agreed, “we needed this moment” after last year.

With the broad appeal that the Academy Award-winning McConaughey has, making both crowd-pleasing blockbusters like Interstellar and grounded dramas like Dallas Buyers Club, it’s no wonder the actor has been toying with the idea of entering the world of politics.

Though he has formally ruled out running for the governor of Texas in 2022, McConaughey stated in a recent interview that he may still be open to having a political leg of his career in the future at some point.

For now, though, you can catch McConaughey in theaters when Sing 2 comes out on Dec. 22 to hear more of that golden singing voice.