MCU detectives ponder who’s going to be revealed as a Skrull


The focus for the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Phase Four has so far been the multiverse, with the notion of alternate realities and fractured timelines ensuring that literally anything is now possible in the world’s biggest and most popular franchise, but the shapeshifting Skrulls are also destined to make a splash over the next couple of years.

Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced and established the cosmic beings within the context of the mythology, and we know that Nick Fury has allied with a rogue band of rebels after heading off-world prior to the events of Tom Holland’s second solo adventure.

On top of that, Secret Invasion will revolve around the Skrull plan to infiltrate and overthrow our planet, which is almost certainly going to be one of the driving forces behind The Marvels, too. Literally anybody could be revealed as an alien in disguise, but MCU enthusiasts on Reddit have been trying to whittle down the candidates in an effort to name the most likely.

An interesting thing to note is that none of the characters listed in the original post are what you’d call marquee names, when there’s every chance at least one or two heavy hitters could ultimately be revealed as Skrulls. Sharon Carter’s Power Broker has been coming up since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s big twist was unveiled, but would fans stand for Happy Hogan being outed as an imposter?

It’s an intriguing debate nonetheless, one that’s destined to throw a curve ball or two our way as Phase Four progresses.