One Of The MCU’s New Heroes Will Reportedly Have A Crush On Captain Marvel


According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us a She-Hulk show is in development for D+ and Ahsoka Tano will be in The Mandalorian season 2, both of which were correct – one of the MCU’s new heroes will develop a bit of a crush on Captain Marvel.

Said hero will come in the form of America Chavez, otherwise known as Miss America, who’s on her way to the MCU and will apparently hit on Carol Danvers when she comes across her. Chavez’s feelings will apparently not be reciprocated by Marvel’s strongest heroine, though, as the studio is said to have another love interest in mind for Brie Larson’s character. Still, that apparently won’t stop Chavez, who we’re told will constantly try to hit on Carol.

Of course, from the moment she appeared on screen, Captain Marvel has been treated as a centerpiece of feminist representation within the MCU. Not only was she the first heroine to receive her own standalone movie, but she also ranks as one of the strongest individuals within the mythos. Captain Marvel proved to be relatively unique as well insofar as she was not given a love interest during her debut, as fellow space soldier Jude Law turns out to be the film’s antagonist and Nick Fury little more than a platonic colleague.

Following her franchise debut, the character solidified her status as a progressive vocal point in Endgame. During the climax of that film, she not only helped the Avengers save the universe from Thanos’ wrath, but also teamed up with Marvel’s other heroines in the process.

Considering all this, it makes sense that the studio is setting Captain Marvel up to be gay. Although the co-director of her first film has said that the character’s sexuality isn’t important to her origin story, many fans have called it into question nonetheless and there’ve been persistent reports that she’ll soon get a female love interest. Unfortunately for Miss America, though, it’ll likely be someone else and not her.

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