A Best Of Christmas Horror: Merry Christmas To All…And To All A DEADLY Night…


“Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Evil creatures were stirring, scaring off every mouse;
The bodies were hung by the chimney with care,
While people cowered in fear, as St. Nicholas was already there…”

Or something like that…

Listen, I love Christmas. I’ve got my traditions like driving an hour to find the perfect Christmas tree with family, baking Christmas cookies with Grandma (Yes, I’m f#cking adorable, ladies), giving thoughtful and heartfelt presents to the ones I love most – but once a horror fan, always a horror fan, even during the merriest of holidays. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without long-time classics like Home Alone and A Christmas Story, but hell, Halloween isn’t the only holiday that can be celebrated with my favorite genre. Numerous horror directors have looked to the most innocent and joyful of holidays for some yuletide gore, blessing fans with festive slayings and Christmas scares, a nice change of pace from all the peace and love malarkey people stress around the holidays. Nope, these Christmas flicks show you can’t spell Santa without Satan, red snow is ten times worse than yellow snow, trees hate being cut down and cruelly decorated like a sick trophy, and not every snowman has the personality of Frosty.

With that said, I’ve watched the slew of X-mas terrors available and have been able to compile a list of the 13 best Christmas horror movies around for your enjoyment, presenting some alternative options for your yearly Christmas party. You’re really going caroling with some eggnog, again? Why not get all bloody and disgusting instead? Merry Christmas to all, and to all a deadly night bitches!

Enough talk, lets take a look at some seriously devilish Christmas themed horror films to watch!

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