Michael B. Jordan’s Superman Will Reportedly Cross Over Into DC Extended Universe

Superman Michael B. Jordan

Previously, it was reported that Michael B. Jordan was working on a Black Superman movie for release on HBO Max. The story was said to be about Val-Zod, the Superman from Earth-2, who has been portrayed as Black within the comics. Now it looks like we might have even more info on the upcoming film.

According to reports from Giant Freakin Robot, “Michael B. Jordan’s Superman will join the DC Extended Universe via the Multiverse.” While there is no word yet on if he will join the multiverse before or after the series, this opens up the door for us to see a movie or television series with two different heroes that go by Superman.

This development is particularly interesting as Warner Brothers are currently making another project with a character on Earth-2 — The Batman. While the exact story from the comics doesn’t have to be followed, the potential for the company to intertwine these stories open up future DC projects to a whole new level of potential.

While there’s no word yet on if Michael B. Jordan will actually star in the new Superman series, this new development is sure to leave fans even more excited than ever before to see what he comes up with.