Michael Bay Reportedly Wants More Blood And Violence In 6 Underground 2

6 Underground

Whether you enjoyed it or not, Netflix’s 6 Underground brought us exactly what was to be expected if Michael Bay was handed a huge budget and large degree of creative freedom to put together an R-rated action blockbuster in any way he wanted. Sure, the story was convoluted and the characters paper thin, but the set pieces were exhilarating and the movie as a whole delivered a healthy dose of adrenaline fuelled entertainment.

The combination of Bayhem and Ryan Reynolds resulted in big numbers, too, with 6 Underground the fourth most-watched Netflix original film in the company’s history, with 83 million views in the first four weeks it was available to stream. Admittedly, the hype around it died out pretty quickly after that, but talk of a sequel has never been too far away and in recent weeks, we’ve been hearing more and more about what the follow-up may involve.

6 Underground

Of course, plot details remain scarce, but we’ve now learned from our sources – the same ones who said Netflix was developing an Extraction sequel – that 6 Underground 2 will remain in R-rated territory and that Bay is pushing for a lot more blood and violence in the next outing. And while it’s not like the original was a family-friendly affair, it certainly sounds like this next effort in the burgeoning franchise will be taking things a bit further in terms of the action.

As mentioned above, details on the story are still non-existent, but given that no one is interested in this particular property for its plot, that really doesn’t matter. People loved 6 Underground for its wild set pieces and charismatic cast, and it appears as if both of those things will be kept in tact for the sequel, with a recent report saying that all the main players from the original will return for what’s sure to be another hugely enjoyable ride.