Michael Caine Joins The Secret Service



Michael Caine isn’t the sort of actor who screams comic book hero, but nevertheless he’s becoming a bit of a staple for the genre. There’s of course his iconic portrayal of Alfred in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and now we have word that the British actor will be taking on another comic role, this time it will be in Matthew Vaughn’s big screen adaptation of The Secret Service.

The comic series from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons tells the story of a boy from a rough London neighborhood who gets recruited by his uncle into a British spy school. It’s the sort of school that turns boys into suave, sophisticated agents in the 007 mold. There’s celebrity kidnappings, the murder of an entire town, and a whole lot of conspiracy. While there isn’t official word on who Caine will be playing, some are reporting that he’ll be the leader of the group.

Colin Firth is already on board for the film, and there’s word that Leonardo DiCaprio is as well. Adding Caine makes for an extremely talented and accomplished cast, the likes of which would’ve been unimaginable in a comic book movie a few years ago. Between Millar’s story, Vaughn’s directing, and this phenomenal cast, The Secret Service has the potential to be something really special.

Millar took to Twitter in response to all the reports of Caine’s casting. While he didn’t come out and say Caine is on board, his smiley at the end might as well have been Caine’s signature. Check out that Tweet below.

Millar also called this film “The spy movie we’ve been waiting for since Bond lost his sense of humour.” If that is really the case, then The Secret Service is definitely something to be excited about.

What do you think of Caine joining The Secret Service? Fans of the comic, are you excited to see this adaptation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: The Sun

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