Michael Myers Features In New Halloween Set Pics


Now that production on Blumhouse’s Halloween sequel is finally underway, we expect news regarding the next entry in the enduring horror franchise to trickle in on a regular basis. And even though the latest treat is not a casting announcement or something that hearkens back to familiar locations, it’s pretty exciting nonetheless.

If you’ve been following the journey that is principal photography as closely as we have, then you’re well aware of how images from the set have been making their way online. In the past few days alone, we’ve seen Jamie Lee Curtis and even Haddonfield High casually captured by amateur cameras.

Today, however, brings the moment we’ve been waiting for, that being some shots of Michael Myers himself. Sure, they aren’t all that crisp, but seeing these images of one of the greatest horror icons in all of cinema truly gives us the sense that a new installment in the franchise is finally on its way. Check them out in the gallery below (along with those aforementioned ones) and start getting excited!

In the gallery above, halloween_h40 is the first to spoil things with a couple shots via their Instagram page. Truth be told, the closeup may be a mere zoom-in on the larger image, but it quickly becomes apparent to all that the character’s classic appearance is being utilized. Gone is the more weathered look of Rob Zombie’s interpretation, and, quite frankly, this makes sense given that this is intended to be a followup to the 1978 original.

Additionally, Danny McBride posted an image of Michael’s chair from the set, which simply reads “The Shape.” Being a longtime fan of the series, I dig hearing that nickname being used, especially since it calls back to a time when Myers was kept mysterious and wasn’t given any sort of motivation for his killing sprees.

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th and as production continues, we’ll be sure to bring you any further photos that surface.