Mickey Rourke And Walter Hill May Tackle The Storm

According to Moviehole, Mickey Rourke and Walter Hill may be teaming up to lead The Storm. The Josh Campbell-scripted thriller would have Hill behind the camera, Rourke in front, and would be set during Texas’ hurricane season.

The plot centers on an “inexperienced deputy, filling in for his incapacitated superior, who is forced to go head-to-head with a revenge-seeking criminal – back in town to get back at the sheriff who put him away a decade earlier.” Rourke’s role would be that of the “revenge-seeking criminal” named Press Gibson.

Though neither Rourke or Hill have signed on yet, talks are currently underway and it seems likely that both will end up joining. After all, this seems like something that is right up both Hill and Rourke’s alley, doesn’t it?

Plus, the two have worked together in the past on the 1989 film Johnny Handsome. The film was a bit of a disaster, but nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind seeing them re-team for this one.