Millie Bobby Brown Reportedly Wants Giant Robots In The MonsterVerse

Millie Bobby Brown

Had Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim made a bigger splash at the box office, then there’s every chance we could have seen the franchise cross over with the MonsterVerse. After all, for a while, the two properties were both the subjects of co-productions between Warner Bros. and Legendary, but the distribution rights to the former were sold off to Universal who delivered sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising, which underperformed both critically and commercially.

Uprising director Steven DeKnight revealed that he had tentative plans in place for a third installment to tie into the MonsterVerse, something Godzilla vs. Kong writer Max Borenstein admitted he’d definitely be open to should the stars align. And while it looks like a long shot, the record-breaking blockbuster did at least get to throw a giant robot into the mix by introducing Mechagodzilla in the third act.

Both Borenstein and director Adam Wingard have confirmed that they deliberately left the MonsterVerse at a crossroads with the door wide open for sequels should anyone want to take the series further, and based on the numbers Godzilla vs. Kong has been pulling in around the world, it looks like we’ve hardly seen the last of the titular Titans.

On that note, insider Daniel Richtman reports that Millie Bobby Brown wants giant robots to become part of the MonsterVerse, so she can become something akin to a Pacific Rim Jaeger pilot and fight some skyscraper-sized beasts. Of course, this is just the latest in a long line of future projects that the tipster has claimed the actress has on the horizon, which doesn’t include the jam-packed slate of films that she’s actually confirmed for.

No offense to Brown, either, who produced one of Netflix’s most popular original movies and is a rapidly rising star, but even if she was pushing for more mechanized carnage in the MonsterVerse, the boardroom at WB might not be too inclined to shape the direction of a multi-billion dollar franchise on the suggestions of a 17 year-old who hasn’t contributed much to the mythology in her two outings so far.