Get A Four Minute Look At Man On A Ledge

As you may have suspected, Summit Entertainment’s upcoming Man On A Ledge is about more than just, well, a man on a ledge. In fact, it looks like the film has quite a bit going on. If you don’t believe us, feel free to check out this new extended trailer for the film that was released today. After giving it a watch, I’m definitely hooked.

From what we see here, Man On A Ledge looks to offer up plenty of thrills and twists all jammed into one action packed ride. Don’t count on it taking home any Awards, but in the slow winter months ahead, it will likely stand out as a highly entertaining and fully satisfying moviegoing experience.

The film has attracted a fairly good cast as well, with Sam Worthington giving his best American accent (he still hasn’t nailed it). I haven’t always been the guy’s biggest fan but his work here actually looks pretty solid and of course, you can’t go wrong with Ed Harris or Anthony Mackie.

All things considered, I’m really excited to see this one and I’ll be there this Friday, in theatres, when it opens.

Check out the trailer below. And be sure to check out our contest for your chance to win a signed poster from the film.