‘Mission: Impossible 8’ shooting in a brand new country for the franchise

mission impossible ghost protocol
Image via Paramount Pictures Studios

Mission: Impossible fans haven’t been waiting long for Mission: Impossible 7, which will hit theaters later this year. But they will have even less time to be anxious for the eighth installment, which is currently being produced.

Paramount’s Mission: Impossible 8, will wrap up and release in 2024. While it has been pushed back a year due to COVID, it could be worse.

While the seventh installment has everything set, the eighth still has a lot of unanswered questions. After it was revealed that a new company, Space Entertainment Enterprise, will be creating movies in space before we know it.

The hope is that by the end of 2024, movies like Mission: Impossible 8 will be filmed, at least in part, in space. For now, Cruise is headed to South Africa to film. Yes, the country will be featured in the newest MI movie. If it will be the setting or if it will be used to portray a different country is unknown.

The prospect of space aspects of movies not being CGI is still too much for us to comprehend, but we just don’t know what the future will hold. Whether or not any movies will be filmed in space in the immediate future is completely unknown. They’re currently aiming to have the studio fully functional by 2024.

Developer Axiom Space, which does construction in space, has already been greenlit by NASA. That is promising. But for now, we will have to settle for watching Ethan Hunt in South Africa.