‘Mission: Impossible’ fans react to ‘Dead Reckoning’ trailer leaking online

mission impossible
via Paramount

One of the most hyped blockbusters on the horizon is undoubtedly Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the seventh installment in Tom Cruise’s marquee franchise that suffered through one of the most tortured, expensive, and lengthy productions of the entire pandemic era, necessitating a number of delays as a result.

Ethan Hunt’s latest globetrotting adventure was originally scheduled for a July 2021 release, but we won’t be seeing Dead Reckoning on the big screen until next summer. The first footage was recently revealed at CinemaCon, though, and those in attendance couldn’t speak highly enough of Christopher McQuarrie’s third time at the helm.

We’ve known for a while that Paramount has a completed trailer hiding somewhere in the shadows, then, but the internet was still caught off-guard when the footage leaked online out of nowhere. As soon as the news broke, fans were scrambling to catch the Dead Reckoning trailer as fast as possible before it was taken down, but as you can see below, not everyone was so lucky.

Either the studio indulges in some damage limitation and uploads the best possible version of the Dead Reckoning trailer to avoid bootlegged copies being passed around, or it waits until the storm blows over. That being said, the close proximity to Top Gun: Maverick may not be a coincidence, so there’s every chance the first look at Mission: Impossible 7 will play prior to the other long-awaited Cruise blockbuster, especially when he produced both and they hail from Paramount.

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